We Want You As a New Student Recruit

The name’s Procter.

Rachael Procter.


Occasionally we switch the letters around a little and say “Dropter” instead of Procter given that I am victim to a clumsy situation, or six, every day.

Fortunately for everyone within a five meter radius, I am far less of a hazard behind a keyboard. Which is why being the new Editor of TSA (The Student Advertiser), taking over now from the lovely and wildly talented Katie Jones, is something everyone should be a little relieved about. And for my first independent assignment, I have something I’d like to ask you.

We understand that people will pick up a freesheet and be drawn to read the bits that interest them first. Kind of like only picking up the METRO to see if Prince Charming has spotted you on the 8am in Rush Hour Crush, which is an example completely unaffiliated with my life. Um. So…

…Sliding attention away from my whimsical ideologies. We would like to invite you to get involved with our community and write the content you would love to read.

TSA is a student magazine, written by students for – you guessed it – mainly students. We have upwards of 1,000 distribution points between Glasgow and Edinburgh enabling us to have a reach of over 120,000 readers every single month in print alone. 

He’s ready to write for us, are you?


  • Love chatting and fancy channeling that into INTERVIEWING musicians, actors and other influential figures?
  • Got a gig, a show or an exhibition in mind that you’d love to get along to to REVIEW for our website?
  • Want to know more about what MOVIES are coming out, attend them and tell the student demographic why they need to skip a couple of pints and get along to see it?
  • Or do have a penchant for advice and think you’d be good at writing advisory, food, fashion, shopping, budgeting, relationship or hobby content for our LIFESTYLE section, Dear Deirdrie?
  • And wait for this: do you have a talent for ART and fancy having your work on the cover of our next edition?

Please direct all enquiries to editor@thestudentadvertiser.co.uk (i.e. me, Rachael P) and receive your invitation to our exclusive contributors group to hear about all of our interview and review opportunities first.

We at TSA are firmly of the belief that every great idea stems from a single discussion. And so, if you have an opinion or a passion and love the thought of connecting with thousands of other like-minded people over the things that make your irises twinkle, then we have the platform to make that happen for you.

Join our growing community and save yourself from many potential hazards outdoors. Become a writer like me! *Thumbs up*

All together now…


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