Talking Primal Cuts with Bloodlines – Q&A

-Do you do anything to prepare yourself before going on stage?

A while back Jamie got into a vocal warm-up routine before shows. The rest of us started to get involved in this misinterpreting the words into our own obscure comedic version becoming our own ritualistic pre-show hype up. It is probably quite bizarre to witness but for us, it’s a routine now. Jamie starts with his vocal warm-up and the rest of us begin to join in. It gets louder and more aggressive at it goes incorporating stomps claps and random nearby objects as percussion- it begins to sound more like a war chant than a warm-up. We basically end up trying to make as much noise as possible before we head for the stage to make further loud noises. It warms up our throats, our bodies and psychs us up for the show!

-Where do you feel you get the best response, at your own gigs where you are the headline act or a festival where you share the bill with other bands?

There’s something hugely exciting about our own shows. We go all out – it normally takes us weeks of preparation and a big team of friends colleagues and other professionals along with a few pulled in favours to make it special. It’s a great feeling playing our tunes to a packed room full of fans (particularly the sold-out shows). But there’s also something fantastic about festival audiences and performing to largely people who haven’t seen us before. It becomes a challenge to step up to the plate and win them over, and when you look out from the stage you can see the reaction change on the faces of the audience… that we weren’t quite what they were expecting, but they’re loving it,getting stuck in and enjoying themselves along with us – those are the shows that tend to stick in our memories stronger.

-Where have you enjoyed performing most?

Every show is a blast! But Glasgow and the Highlands are always a lot of fun. Perhaps cos they’re the two places we call home. Although we are desperate to venture further afield with our music nothing beats a hometown show.

-What is your favourite track to play live?

We’d probably give you a different answer after every night, but Skeletons is two and a half minutes of pure chaos. We enjoy a bit of chaos.

-What has been your most memorable experience to date?

Belladrum Festival this year was mental! We played to a stowed out tent to a crowd 700 strong at midday. Our on and off stage antics during the performance really riled up the fabulous festival goers who came to see us creating an amazing electric atmosphere.

-Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Tricky to say! Any band who think they’re definitely gonna make a career doing this are fooling themselves… But we’re going to try very hard. We want to make it to mainland Europe unleash our energetic live performance on some unsuspecting Europeans. We also want to write and release as much new exciting music together as we possibly can. Whatever happens, I’m confident we’ll still be making music, and still be mates.

-Looking back to when you first started, coming from a small town in the Highlands, could you ever imagine yourself where you are today?

When you’re in your teen years it’s easy to imagine yourself performing to stadiums full of people, playing 4 chord songs about a girl from school. When you mature a little the reality becomes much more apparent, and your expectations become more realistic- but like all musicians, you dream big. It pushes you further and keeps you motivated. As far as we expected to come? Further. As far as we’d like to have come? No way! So we’ll keep working.

-Where do you find influence for your music?

We all have different music that we listen to, but loud guitar music we have a joint interest in. We’ve always been gripped by great live performances, and that’s where we draw influence and what we try to do ourselves.

-How has your music developed over the years since you first started?

It’s changed massively. In some ways, it’s become technically better, but in others, it’s grown more straightforward. We started trying to play music that we thought people would like, but now we’re playing music that we want to play. It seems that the music we’re writing for ourselves is resonating with more people and in a stronger fashion than anything that we wrote in attempts to woo them.

-You have had such a great response from your fans in your Crowdfunder campaign, did you expect to get this good a response?

We were overwhelmed at how quickly people were willing to help us out. We raised £1,000 in less than 4 days which was incredible. The money will go a LONG way to helping us get the music out there. We can’t thank those who contributed enough. We have wonderful friends, family and fans.

-Can you tell us what we have to look forward to about the new EP?

It’s a bit different from our last EP, so if you didn’t enjoy that one, then good! Maybe this one will tickle you! With this release, I feel like we’ve found our sound, and it might not be quite like what you’ve heard from us before. In an attempt to convey our live show energy this EP is a bit more savage, raw and ready… we can’t wait to open the cage and let it go a bit wild.

-Aside from your upcoming EP release, do you have anything else coming up for you musically?

We’re doing a big run of dates early this year across the UK. And the plan is to continue as much gigging as we can throughout the year with our first festival appearance recently confirmed. It’s what we love.

-What’s next for Bloodlines this year?

More gigs, more music!

Bloodlines release their new EP “Primal Cuts” on the 16th of March, before embarking on a UK tour between 28th March and 8th of April taking them to Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Brighton and Hastings.

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