Netflix and Thrill This Halloween

On the run up to Halloween it can be hard to get into the spirit of scary, we’ve
got exams, bills to pay, it’s cold, and there’s no more sunny days to chill out in a beer garden on. There’s no better way to get into the Halloween festivities than to watch a scary movie, we’ve tried and tested Netflix’s nest and we’ve come to the conclusion that these are the Top 10 scariest movies on Netflix:


A truly sick and sadistic horror movie will make your skin crawl. Stretches the ability of the human body, or rather, a trio of human bodies, to the limit. Perfect pick if you want to be disgusted and appalled.


This 1986 sci- horror is a time-honoured masterpiece. Whilst it doesn’t match our modern standards of scary, and its graphics are older than old school, with a plotline most likely written for children, it achieves the 80s drive-in movie vibe that we all want to experience.


Not your usual terrifying horror, this is more of an easy watch for those of us who like to sleep at night. A teenage virgin hell bent on having sex with a beautiful girl from hell, throw in an American school prom and you have yourself the perfect Halloween chick-flick.


Mama is more for people who like the feeling of constantly looking over your shoulder. Two young girls found in the woods after years of surviving on their own are brought back to live with their uncle. However, things take a sour turn when the adults nd the girls talking to an unknown presence named ‘Mama’, who apparently has been looking after them all this time, and wants them back.

5/ CARRIE (1976)

A must have classic if you’re throwing an old school Halloween movie night. An abused and isolated young girl with magical powers enacts terrifying revenge on those who have done her wrong. What more could you want?!


Two super psychotic evil villains battle it out to be the scariest and most mutilating bad guy on the planet. It’s also full of extremely cheesy American teenagers. What’s not to love?!?!


The ‘Insidious’ trilogy always seems to attract negative feedback from horror junkies; their main argument being that it’s too full of ‘jump-scares’ and therefore it’s not actually a scary movie. However, I fail to see why jump-scare movies devalue the scariness of said movie, if something scares you enough to jump, then theoretically speaking, it is in fact scary. Therefore, Insidious takes number 7 on our Top 10 list, with its plethora of jump-scares, a horrifically creepy violin intro, possessed children, and a scary loft! Whereas ‘Insidious chapter 2’ takes eighth place, leading on from the rst movie the lm continues the path of jump-scares and demonic possession, however it beats the rst movie purely because of the continuation of the plotline and intense twists.


More of a psychological thriller, ‘The Babadook’ follows the story of Amelia, a mother whose son becomes obsessed with an imaginary villain named Mister Babadook. Initially ignoring her sons’ visions, and bad behaviour, Amelia nds herself under attack of the infamous Mister Babadook.


This film is filled with gore and is not, I repeat, NOT for the faint hearted. A log cabin located deep in the woods, five young – rather good-looking – twenty- somethings, throw in a mysterious book covered in chains with the words DO NOT OPEN scribed in blood and you have yourself a sure fired winner for your quiet night in. Be prepared for jump scares, tense silences, cringe-worthy gore, a rather unsettling tree rape scene, and whilst you might nd the scene of Jane Levy’s head poking up from the oorboards funny at the time, that image will haunt you whilst you’re alone in the dark, BE WARNED. This remake of the 1981 Evil Dead packs a punch and has a lot going on so is best if you’re in the mood for a lot of action (and blood).


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