Jake Bugg – Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow – Review

With the release of his fourth studio album “Hearts That Strain” Jake Bugg stops in Glasgow for 2 shows, as part of the UK and wide, solo acoustic tour.

Performing in the Old Fruit Market, in the heart of Glasgow, it was the perfect set up for an acoustic tour. It gave a close personal feel to the performance, with the lights dim and a spotlight only on the stage, with eyes from the floor and balcony surrounding looking down.

Support act Georgie, up and coming singer from Mansfield, opened the show as she joins Jake for the third-time touring.

Jake Bugg

As Jake took to the stage, there was no intro or welcome needed, he just came in and played, giving the audience exactly what they came for, to hear his unique sound and voice. For one man with one instrument the volume created was astounding, he filled the room with such an enclosing acoustic sound.

Ranging from old tracks and new, from favourites Slide and Saffron to new sounds Bigger Lover and How Soon The Dawn, he covered something from all of his albums. Appealing to all ages of the enthusiastic audience. The crowd’s participation was spot on as ever, with their standard ‘Jakey Jakey Bugg’ chant encouraging his performance.

As he performed moving song ‘Broken’ the crowd sung along with him word for word, the magnitude from a small crowd and the one voice on stage made it feel like an arena. All with their phones out recording a great moment, it was very touching.

Moving on to some up-tempo songs he welcomed suggestions from the crowd saying, “If you want to hear anything just shout it out”. The crowd was so involved throughout the whole set.

He rounded up the show with some of his best songs Two Fingers and of course Lighting Bolt, even adding in an extra chorus as the crowd kept going.

Hearts That Strain sounds very promising for Jake, he worked alongside Grammy-winning producers and musicians that have worked with some of the greats, giving high expectations for the album. This year marks 6 years since the release of his debut album back in 2012, with it reaching No.1 in the UK Album Chart. Let’s hope “Hearts That Strain” continues on the success from his previous platinum-selling albums.

The performance demonstrated his variety in sound and that he can keep the crowd engaged throughout the whole performance. He managed to do just the same as what singers with a band and backup singers can do. One man and a guitar can nevertheless put on a great performance, there is no need for a big showcase just simply a guitar and good tunes.

You don’t have long to wait till Jake returns again, on 25th May he plays as part of Gigs in Scotland’s takeover at the Kelvingrove Band Stand. Performing in a series of special concerts also featuring Tokio Myers, The Bootleg Beatles and Squeeze.

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