Interview with Vitalic ahead of Kelvingrove Art Gallery event



Pascal Arbez-Nicolas, more commonly known as Vitalic, has plowed his own furrow with a series of club classics incorporating techno, disco, rock and pop. Tunes such as ‘Poney’, ‘La Rock 01’, ‘My Friend Dario’ and ‘You Prefer Cocaine’ are mainstays in many record collections throughout the world and in many way opened the way of the French sound that Daft Punk, Justice and Etienne de Crécy followed.

Added to a fantastic body of work, Vitalic is also famous for shows that are visually and aurally stunning – so when he was announced as the first act to perform a series of events hosted by Electric Frog at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery – it was a match made in techno heaven. 

Vitalic performs in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery on 23rd September, and is joined by rising star – DJ, producer and vocalist Maya Medvesek, aka Nightwave.


How does it feel to be announced as the first live performer to kick off Electric Frog’s series of events at Kelvingrove? 

I am very happy to be part of this project. I think its very exciting when people can actually reappropriate their own city in this way, when the music is a link between the past and nowadays. There is a strong appeal from the public to live those experiences outside the regular clubs and venues.


Musically, Glasgow citizens know Kelvingrove Art Galley more as the gigantic ceilinged home of daily organ recitals than techno spined disco, what’s your thoughts on the clash of cultures your show will bring?

It’s quite difficult to actually make statements about this but, according to my experience in the past, this clash is very interesting. The fact there is an exceptional dimension to that event gives some more depth to the moment. The decorum is a very important aspect of an event.



You’re famous for shows that are visually stunning, so it seems that having a show in a venue as impressive as Kelvingrove Art Gallery is a perfect match – do you have any special plans for the show?

Unfortunately my show ODC requires some very drastic conditions in terms of size and weight, for its set up but also regarding security. It wouldn’t fit at Kelvingrove Gallery. Nevertheless there is gonna be a light show and I bring all my equipment to perform my new live show, that includes some older tracks from the very beginning as well as the latest ones.


You have a deep connection with Glasgow that stretches back to collaborations with Slam and Dot Allison in 2002, what do you enjoy most about performing and coming here? Can you tell us more about your history with the city?

Yes, I do have a strong connection with Glasgow that didn’t fade over the years, and I had the confirmation about that last time I came to play. I am also very grateful for that. It all started with the parties at The Arches I think. When playing in Glasgow I do appreciate the public for its propension to party but its knowledge about electronic music. Slam and the Slam team did a fantastic job in Scotland and for this reason I think they are legend.


Your new album Voyager comes a decade after your debut album OK Cowboy, but you were already making waves in the music industry way before that. What made you initially come up with Vitalic and start doing something different? 

I still like techno and I enjoy playing it live, but in the beginning of the 2000’s I thought I did all I could do with techno loops, and tried to find another direction. I found myself making music that would mix energy and melodies, together with a kinky twist. Then I make this project evolve over the years, sometimes searching in the punk rock side, sometimes in the disco side.


You released your latest album at the start of this year, so is your main focus at the moment developing the live show rather then working on new material? 

Since the release of the LP I am mostly touring and I am not enough in Paris to focus on composing. Also I need to work on the show on a regular basis. But as often as I can, I do make a bit of music. I would like to release some new material in the beginning of 2018.

Vitalic will play Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum on 23 September

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