Hot Dub Time Machine Arrives In Glasgow

Dubbed ‘the world’s first time-travelling dance party’, Hot Dub Time Machine blasts tracks from the 1950s to present day and is fronted by 35-year old Aussie DJ, Tom Loud.

I first discovered Hot Dub in the muddy confines of King Tut’s Wah Wah at T in the Park. I was surprised how something so simple as this worked so well. You are thrust into hours of breathless partying, leaving you longing for more even when your body can’t handle it.

Loud or Lowndes as he is originally known, is notably one of the first DJ’s to mix genres so as to present a show suitable for all. Consequently, you find yourself partying with people of all ages and musical tastes, to old classics and forgotten gems to tracks you might never have heard of.


The most interesting element is probably the use of audio visual technology, with on screen countdowns and ‘cabin attendant’ Lulu Loud (wife Alexandra Pilm) to take you through the years.

Just when you get comfortable with the current track you are transported into the next one seamlessly and literally kept on your toes. If that wasn’t enough, lights pierce the chosen venue, whilst the accompanying music videos of chosen tracks remind you of cheesy dance moves.

Each show is guaranteed to be slightly different from the last as Loud likes to keep things fresh. He claims only 50% of the tracks remain the same throughout, with the rest depending on the location and how he’s feeling on the night.

Hot Dub Time Machine first debuted in 2011 with Loud playing Australian comedy festivals, the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Fest. This seemed the perfect place to kick-start his DJ career with crowds open to new and varied acts. The act eventually sparked global interest, beginning tours in the UK and Ireland, before debuting in the US.

The act soon became a full-time job for Lowndes, who writes, produces and performs the entire show with the help of his wife while touring the world. To date, the show has sold over 30,000 tickets to Edinburgh, Sydney and Adelaide Fringe festivals alone, not including tours to the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Lowndes’ native Australia.

Excitement for the act only continues to grow steadily, with 25,000 likes and counting on the official Facebook Page. Fans have become known as ‘Hot Dubbers’ and a range of merchandise is available on the host website

Before bursting onto the DJ scene, Tom Lowndes was an in-demand TV Sound Designer, and has been DJ-ing since his first ever gig in 2001. Lowndes believes his show has the potential to create a real story through entrancing DJ sets. His love of all kinds of music has led to a desire to create something new and unique, yet so simply satisfying.

2016HOTDUBT_AZMIf you haven’t already had the chance to see this act, you’ve probably been told that you need to. And if not I’m telling you now. Head for a dance party like no other ready to be exhausted, yet left longing for more.

After recently wrapping up the Australian leg of the tour and playing at the Edinburgh Fringe DJ Tom Loud returns to the UK and will tour until mid October.

Catch him live tonight at the O2 Academy –  tickets are available online via the official online website and Ticketmaster.

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