Why going to work at an American Summer Camp with Camp Leaders is the best idea you’ll ever have

Summer jobs. We know the struggle. Why is it so tricky to find a job that you’d like? Or that your parents like? And which can take you on for the summer months only — do these exist? Well, they do. And, as it turns out, even when you find one it’s not always that fun. In fact, we understand that it is rarely fun at all.


But what if you could have a summer where you could really travel, have fun, meet people from all round the world whilst also earning money?

Sounds good, right? Well, look no further. 
There’s an answer. It’s three syllables, two words and has one meaning: summer camp.

 You might have heard about it from a friend, seen it featured in a Hollywood classic like ‘The Parent Trap’, or perhaps not even heard of it… yet.
 Summer camp is an unmissable opportunity for anyone who wants to have the summer of a lifetime. Forget that desk job. Camp is an incredible 9 weeks of being outdoors in the sunshine, dirt on your clothes, rocking the sock tan lines.


All about activities, summer camp is jam packed with sport, creative arts and water activities to give the children an epic day, every day. How many jobs can you go rock climbing, play tennis and then go white water rafting all in the same afternoon?


There’s lots of jobs to choose from, whether you’re interested in looking after children or in coaching a sport you love, this is the opportunity to spend your summer having a fantastic time. You know as the phrase goes, do something you love and you’ll never work a day.


You’ll meet outgoing people from all around the world who are energetic and want to have a summer to remember.


The food and accommodation are both free plus you can pocket up to $1550 to spend on your days off or on your post camp travels. There’s 30 days to explore the best of America with this summer job. Soak in the sights, sunshine and experience the real USA firsthand.


Summer camp. The traditions span over a century, the memories last a lifetime and the application only takes a few minutes.
So what’s stopping you?
Here’s our top 5 reasons you should be signing up to Camp Leaders immediately.


  • Do something different – This is no ordinary job. Going to summer camp gives you the chance to try something new this summer. Summer camp is spontaneous, fun and full of excitement.


  • American food – Double stacked burgers smothered with bubbling cheese, slow cooked hunks of BBQ meat and colossal ice-cream sundaes, this has to be a reason. We’ve all watched
    Man vs Food and totted up our American eats bucket list. Summer camp is your opportunity to feast and make it happen.


  • Travelling the USA – America is iconic. With the camp counselor program you get up to 30 days to travel on your visa. So why not ride a bike over the golden gate bridge, surf the waves in San Diego or witness a sunrise over the Grand Canyon, by going to camp you’ll be able to do it all in one epic trip.


  • Guaranteed sunshine – We all know the British sunshine and lack of it. In May we have our quota of 2 weeks sun and then we’re already in Autumn. With summer camp, lock that sunshine down for 3 solid months. Work outside and feel that vitamin D on your skin, every single day.*


  • It’s the best job you’ll ever have, hands down.


*It still rains in the US… sometimes.

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