Gig Review: Bastille at The SSE Hydro


At long last one of the UK’s top alternative-pop bands Bastille have returned to the UK on their Wild World tour.  Expectations were high after the release of their new album Wild World, with top single ‘Good Grief’ storming up the charts. It has been such a long wait for the band to be back on tour and now they are finally here.

Supporting the show was the very groovy indie band Rationale. Their funky electronic music got the crowd moving. They were told if the crowd were asked to dance, then they dance! Warming them up for the big show ahead.


The production of the show was based around broadcasting and news coverage. With videos between acts from the ‘Wild World Communications’ featuring Bastille’s band members as cast crew, tailoring to the news presenters’ every need. With odd facial and vocal exercises, the weird but funny presenter kept us amused while we waited. I didn’t really get it but funny and very random fit.

Bastille entered the stage with backing musicians and singers, with an on-screen visual of a breaking news banner, following the news broadcast style. It felt like Times Square with all the screens.

I saw Bastille last at Radio 1’s Big Weekend and that was such a great performance, I didn’t think it could be topped. I am not surprised to say that they smashed it! Having a break from a full on tour has only made them better than ever. There was so much energy from each band member and the involvement with the audience was like nothing I have even seen before.

Bastille_3Arena_Dublin_2016_live_concert_date_confirmed_for_Thursday_November_10th_buy_tickets_Wild_World_studio_album_LP_release_tour_announced_music_scene_irelandDuring ‘Flaws’ Dan ran right through the middle of crowd, so casually as if he wanted to be apart of it. Nobody ever does this it was so cool. You can tell they were missed by beloved fans, every song had an accompaniment from the crowd, they were so involved.

It wasn’t until ‘Of the Night’ that I really experienced the power behind a great song and crowd. Everyone was jumping to the drum beats and belting their hearts out. You could tell Bastille were enjoying it just as much as the crowd, they were all dancing about too! One enjoying himself, a bit too much, appeared with a bottle of Buckfast on stage promoting “drink responsibility please” as he shared a local delicacy.

During ‘Oblivion’ it got a bit serious, the Hydro lit up with phone light as they performed this powerful song. The sea of light makes you a bit emotional, it is some sight.

It is hard to think that some performers can just stand on stage and sing a song, when Dan can’t stay still for one second. In a blink of an eye he went from the stage to the very top of the Hydro, it was so impressive, you had no idea how he got there.

The support act joined on stage for the last song of the night ‘Pompeii’. There was not one person sitting or standing still during this song, everyone was singing along and bouncing to the drums. Even though it was their 2nd last night of tour, you would think it was the last the amount of energy that was put into the show.

Overall their performance was once of the best I have experience in the Hydro. It wasn’t just the music but the visuals, atmosphere and crowd engagement was all amazing. I couldn’t fault the show one bit.

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