Film Review – Ghostbusters 2016: Where did it all go wrong?

Oh boy this film. I suppose you can’t say anything good or bad about it without one half of people getting the pitchforks ready for you.

Let me just start off by saying what was actually rather good about the film.

First and foremost the chemistry between the cast was electric. Yes, while Melissa McCarthy was a little bland in the film for my taste. She held back from her usual over the top antics which was a welcome relief for the purposes of this film but in a sense it kind of killed off who she was as a comedic actress.

Kristen Wiig was solid for the first half but like the movie itself, fell off into the abyss of complete stupidity and awful screenwriting. The two that shone the most in the film for me were Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

With Mckinnon you never really knew what she’d do next; unpredictability entertains me and Jones because she felt like a human. The only human character in the film in a way who wasn’t written into the ground. Which is odd because the trailers made her out to be some sort of annoying racist stereotype.

Despite weaker parts of the cast, these women were bold and powerful together on-screen. All credit where credit’s due, it’s not their fault the film is a bit of a failure in all honesty.

The CGI was pretty good to but when you just don’t care for the film, it’s hard to care about all the CGI spooksters that are happening across New York.

Alright onto the big stuff now!

The first glaring problem with this film is its lack of originality. Now that sounds obvious given it’s meant to be a reboot. Alright, fair enough but when the film from start to finish has an almost identical plot to the first incarnation and brings absolutely nothing new to the table, it begs the question as to why you would reboot it all!

ghostbusters-pics-chris-hemsworth-pic1Issue two comes off of the first. Lack of humor. Now if queef jokes and shooting ghosts in the crotch is your cup of tea, all power to you. You’ll have an absolute blast of a time. For the rest of us I can safely say that it’s not funny, no one wants it in a reboot of a beloved film and it is downright s***. It’s even more annoying when the film does have the occasional smartly crafted scene with some good comedy in it. Chris Hemsworth’s character as the dumb handsome receptionist was actually one of the most entertaining parts of the film. Yeah he was made to be an idiot but some of the lines and jokes he had he really made his own. That is dumb humor done well!

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse it does. The cameos from some of the original Ghostbusters cast is horrifying to watch. Spoilers ahead for those who care. So one of the most beloved cast members of the original has a very poor cameo. It’s not funny, there’s nothing brought to the film by it and to make it even worse, they are killed off. Not only is this stupid and completely out with the tone of the film but it’s beyond disrespectful. The new film has no respect or acknowledgement of where it came from. I understand fully it’s a hard reboot meaning that the original never happened within this universe but with that being said, to pull of a stunt like that? No.

To round things off the film is riddled with plot holes here, there and everywhere. A lot doesn’t make sense at times. Wiig’s character arc starts off very similar to Dan Aykroyd’s from the first film. Don’t be fooled by the criminal marketing done on this film, it had potential; a lot of it. What starts off on a good footing though then stumbles and eventually falls to pieces at the end sequence. It’s rushed, far too over the top and everyone is in on the joke.

You know the genius with the original Ghostbusters? These were four normal guys who just happened to get into the ghost catching industry. Everyone else laughed at them but they believed in it. In this film the girls just becomes ghostbusters and suddenly have all of the equipment already on hand. They are also in on the joke and the idea of how comical ghostbusting actually is. It’s so self aware at times it becomes difficult to watch.

Now we know there will be a sequel, in the opening logos of the film, Sony in their great wisdom have deemed it fit to create a new division called “Ghost Corps” which will be a separate branch that are solely dedicated to pumping out Ghostbusters films for the foreseeable future. This film is only the beginning. Do I want another one? Not in my lifetime. Could a sequel actually be good though? Yes. I don’t blame Paul Feig the director for all of the film. Bridesmaids is a great comedy as well as The Heat and Spy. All solid comedy films. A sequel still has the potential to be good even if unnecessary.

A sequel has to be a Ghostbusters film. By that I mean don’t push the fact that your four leads are females. The lead character of Alien back in the 70’s for godsake was a female. The lead of the first two Terminator films was a female! So please don’t try and say that having an all female cast is pushing equality or any sort of political agenda. Politics and films don’t mix.

What I want to see is a really good comedy with good actors. Make good films, don’t try to branch into politics as well.

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