Fictional characters we WISH we were friends with – Who’s yours?

Fictional characters we WISH we were friends with – Who’s yours?

Spongebob Squarepants

Who else would we want to be our best friend other than this loveable sponge. As a child, every day Spongebob Squarepants would prance around on our TV screens with his pink, chubby and brainless life-long best friend and seemingly unemployed and readily available neighbour Patrick Star. The inseparable duo were always on a mission to bring endless fun and laughter to any situation. Throughout almost every episode of Spongebob, we watch as he tries his best to resolve situations which often lead to a series of disasters; getting into trouble from his money-crazed boss, crashing his car or ego fuelled feuds with his seriously grumpy neighbour Squidward Tentacles. Reasons why Spongebob makes a great best friend is because, although Patrick isn’t the brightest star in the sky nor does he give the most logical advice, Spongebob deems Patrick as the smartest and most trusting friend in all of Bikini Bottom. Spongebob is loyal even in the most difficult of times, he even went as far as lending patrick his brain in one episode with no question about it. The pair have their petty arguments, but always become best friends in the end. His determination to make things right whilst messing up even more is what makes spongebob so entertaining. When can we become Goofy Goobers?

Rick from Rick and Morty.

“Lets get Riggity, Riggity, Wrecked Son!” Rick and Morty is probably one of the most popular TV shows on Netflix right now due to it’s pop-culture references, substantial violence and dark humour. Rick, a scientist who has been missing for 20 years shows up to his daughter’s house and begs for his quiet grandson to drop out of school and become his time-travelling, risk-taking sidekick instead. In each episode disaster unfolds at the hands of Rick, who has rather outlandish, selfish and quirky characteristics which often involve every one in his crazy scientific experiments. Rick brings excitement to everyone’s lives, whether thats by turning the family pet into a talking, new world ruler or from buying a sex robot for his grandson- we can’t help but laugh. Although, he claims to be detached from his family, he always finds a way to save the day and bring normality back to their lives. We learn a number of life lessons from Ricky and Morty which teaches us to always make the right choices and put family first.
“Listen to me, Morty. I know that new situations can be intimidating. You’re looking around and it’s all scary and different, but you know, meeting them head on, charging right into them like a bull… that’s how we grow as people.” – Rick.

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper who is often described as a stereotypical geek seems like the perfect best friend and the guy who knows exactly what to say to cheer you up. Sheldon who was a former child genius has an IQ of 187 and works as a theoretical scientist. His often highly intellectual remarks and scientific jokes and puns throughout the show is what makes Sheldon different from the other characters. However, Sheldon who attended college when he was 11 is still very much in touch with his childish side and often makes immature and playful comments to his peers. His intelligent, ironic and sarky sense of humour is what makes the Big Bang Theory so enjoyable even if he fails to show a lack of empathy at times, Sheldon will always tell you the truth. Not only will Sheldon help you with your maths and science homework, but his knowledge and witty humour makes any argument with his neighbours and friends hilarious to watch. He even made an algorithm to help people make friendships.

Brick Tamland

The news team’s most loyal and hilarious weatherman has to be Brick. When we first met Brick Tamland, he said: “People seem to like me because I am polite, rarely late, I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.”- don’t we all need a friend like that! His spontaneous. somewhat reckless and selfless behaviour is what makes us love him so much. Brick has an exuberant personality and is often overdramatic in almost any situation, he is often found shouting at the other end of the microphone on live TV, eating garbage or wearing green trousers in front of a green screen. Brick seems like an ideal best friend because regardless of what happens, he always remains loyal. He is sure to make a funny yet awkward insult against any threats to the news gang which often always make us cringe but giggle none the less. He sometimes even makes the most logical and thought-provoking comments but then forgets what he said. Throughout Anchorman, Brick shows heroic tendencies whether that be by running to the battle scene with a hand grenade, aiming a futuristic machine gun at Kanye West or by awkwardly telling the enemy they got their clothes from the toilet store. We all need a goofy loveable Brick Tamland in our lives.

Joey Tribbiani from Friends

“You can’t just give up is that what a dinosaur would do?”
With the return of everyone’s favourite sitcom to Netflix we can’t help but feel excitement to see Joey Tribbiani on our screens yet again. If we were friends with Joey IRL we would probably be dancing, building forts and eating pizza! Joey always knows what to say for a comedic laugh or to resolve a crisis. We love Joey for his charismatic, goofy and overprotective personality, as well as his love for food- beware though, don’t touch his cake! Joey keeps his friends motivated and never lets life get him down. Joey works as an actor which is also a bonus and means that his friends get into loads of cool events and venues. He would do anything for his friends, he once even went as far as kissing his friend Phoebe because she wanted someone to kiss her that cared about her and proposed to her because she thought she was pregnant so he wanted to help her raise the baby. Joey seems to know how to solve any situation thanks to his creative, unusual and amusing personality.

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