Down With The Dunts! 5 Minute Interview with….. The Dunts

TSA’s Rachael Proctor caught up with The Dunts for a quick interview leading up to their recent King Tut’s gig.


R.  Hello! After playing several gigs in other venues synonymous with Glasgow’s music scene – Stereo and Broadcast to name but a couple – how are you all feeling to have reached the monster that is King Tut’s?


TD.  This will be the third time we have played King Tut’s. The second time we’ve headlined it too! The first time we didn’t expect to headline though, so it’s nice to go into it knowing it’s our headline show for sure. It’s one of the best venues in Scotland without a doubt and it’s a big draw, everyone loves coming to see you at Tut’s so in that regard, we are all feeling amazing.

R.  Here in G-town we proudly host one of the world’s most thriving underground music scenes. So, being so heavily involved with it, can you tell us what is it about it that keeps you hungry for more?

TD.  It’s the friendly competition. Everyone is friends with everyone. There’s no hostile competition or bad blood between anyone so I’d say what keeps everyone hungry is the idea that everyone is constantly releasing new material, doing bigger gigs and making their mark on the scene. Everyone wants to release the best tune and be part of the biggest gig and because it’s such a relaxed, friendly environment, it’s led to a very very healthy music scene.

R.  To our knowledge, The Dunts are – at this present moment – unsigned, but what I find quite refreshing about this is that you state on your website that you are happy for the band to keep hold of the management. What inspired this decision?

TD.  We are still unsigned at this moment. Our website hasn’t been updated in so long due to us being lazy mainly, but we are managed now. Before we reached that point however, the reason we were fine with stuff just being dealt with by us is because we weren’t out of our depth – we could handle it just fine. Then we released Dimitri and a lot of crazy stuff started happening and people from all over the world were emailing us and calling us, so it got to the point where we kind of had no clue what we were doing and we were lucky enough to have people who we were familiar with and sound with on hand willing to step in as our managers.

R.  What is the best thing about playing live in front of your peers?

TD.  Hearing large crowds of people singing back your tunes to you without a doubt. It’s happened a lot but most noticeably at King Tut’s and at St Lukes. Just such a crazy feeling especially when you’re in a band as new as we are and not quite used to stuff like that happening yet.

R.  Okay, so you’re roaming idly around Glasgow when the news reaches you that Guitar Guitar in Trongate has decided to give away guitars to up-and-coming bands in the area (dream). Which brand and model would you all go for?

TD.  Hahaha. It’s a hard one to decide specifically but they’d all be Fender. All of our guitars at the moment are Fenders (and a Squier). Rab would probably go for a Jazzmaster or a Jaguar, because he already has a Fender Jazzmaster and he’s the type of boring person who sticks to what he knows and likes. Colin has this thing with cream telecasters, anyone who has ever spoke to him about guitars will know all about it, so probably that. Not too sure what David would go for but he recently upgraded from a Squier dimension bass to a Fender one which he’s in love with so probably something in that vein. Our drummer, Kyle, would probably try chance his arm at getting free cymbals or something instead of the guitar!

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