Community, Spice Girls and Nostalgia – Q&A with MØ

Selina Mclean interviews MØ

How’s tour treating you so far?

It’s been nice to be back in the UK I’ve been a lot in America lately so its nice to be back here where it started and going back to the cities that remind me of of the beginning of my career so it’s been nice. I also have some really amazing fans here, very dedicated, so it’s been nice to meet them after the shows. and chatting and hearing where they are in their lives and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Where are you calling home now?

I guess I’d still call Denmark home but honestly this year I’ve only been there for two weeks so at the moment more or less a tour bus or hotel is my home, I’ve been considering moving to London or L.A but it’s like i’ve not really had the time to make that move so I just have an apartment in Denmark and that’s it for now.

What are the highlights of your career so far?

In 2012 i released my first couple of songs and that’s when my career properly started, I remember that getting me recognition for the first time in my life, especially after struggling for so many years in all of these bands knowing this was what I wanted to do, so when blogs started writing about me I was so happy it was a dream come true, so that was the beginning. Getting signed to Chess Club through RCA here in the UK that was a huge deal because there wasn’t many Danish artists getting signed to international companies so that was big and then the album let me travel the world and tour so much but of course Lean On happened and that was the craziest thing that has happened in my career so far going from a small indie artist then having a major hit with one of my favourite bands was such a milestone which completely changed everything. Then Final Song was my first solo hit and that went crazy!

Did you have a lot of British influences growing up?

Well The Spice Girls, I always maintain, were the first band that ever struck me and I think because of them I got really interested in going to London and then I remember being super into Blur and Joy Division and that whole scene, I was insanely crazy about them and as I grow older there’s been so much music coming out of the UK. I’ve always been intrigued because there was always so much soul and emotion and energy so I loved that and have always felt connected to the UK in that respect.

Where did your Spice Girls fascination start?

I was around eight or nine at the time and it was the first time I was ever actually interested in something, growing up they were the first time I saw the light, and that made me want to be a musician, it’s hard to describe because for two years they were my entire world so I guess they influenced me in ways i probably don’t even know. The idea of the value of strong friendships, partners or lovers these things come and go but friendships could potentially stay for life and this whole thing about a female group taking over the world made me think I could be just as successful as a man and that being a girl shouldn’t stop me. 

How did you get into music?

The Spice Girls again started it, we used to use the music room in school after hours and use it to practice, but i’ve been in so many bands, they started off quite pop but as I got older it was more punk, I was in a punk band at one point. Just playing loads and I’ve been writing songs at the piano in my parents house since I was about nine years old. I was so hungry to be a musician that was all I wanted to do, I took drum lessons and bass lessons and played in all these bands I think because I don’t come from a musical background I had to learn and do everything, take all I could get.

You used to be in a punk band, what advice would you give to young people looking to be more politically aware? 

I’d always advise young people to be themselves and be socially conscious, try and be as politically aware as possible especially right now when the world is such a crazy place, and most importantly express yourself, that’s why i’m so happy now. You need to find a community where you can enlighten each other because that’s everything.

Tell me about the new single “Nostalgia”

I got an early draft of the beat a while ago and I remember putting it on and immediately wanted to do a spoken word thing with it, got so intrigued because i’ve never done anything like that and just thought it was so cool and fresh and the words were just flowing out of my mind and that’s how it began. I love when songs just happen because you get struck by this inspiration and you don’t know where it comes from but you just go with it. So I patchworked this thing together with my producer. It’s plain and simple looking back on your first love, like pre-teen growing up in the suburbs and that whole feeling of being restless hanging around with your friends on the street corners with all this energy and you’re dreaming of getting out of there, just me looking back on that. Sometimes your heart hurts looking back on the joyful moments and that’s what I wanted to convey.

How important are those friendships to you now?

I feel like throughout my teen years I had a gang of girls and that was what made me as a person, the way we’d mirror each other and support each other and be each others support system those years and those friendships are everything to me and now in the industry whether you’re a guy or a girl there’s a lot of competition, it’s very hard, and I think obviously its important to back each other up because we’re all out on the road, we’re all missing our old friends so even though we don’t have a lot of time to hang out we still need to support each other and back your girls up! It’s just necessary, it’s not even like “a good look” to have these female friends it should be about loving and helping one another. But never force it, it has to come natural. You can’t rely on fake friendships anyway. I still have my friends from back home, and not to make it sound like a fairytale but we are all still super close i just wish I saw them more.

What do you have coming up for 2018?

I’m finishing the UK tour and then going out to Coachella play that and then a couple of festival dates and the biggest thing will be the release of my album because that’s been underway for a very long time so I’m excited for that to see the light of day!

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