A Chance To Celebrate Veganism: The Edinburgh Vegan Festival

This month, you can take the chance to explore a different world of food – you can take a peek into what it’s like to enjoy some cuisine, with absolutely no dairy, meat, fish or any other animal by-product. Vegans get a lot of shtick for their diet, but give it a chance and you might enjoy!13686618_545041242287439_2736125686459819316_n

No, you don’t actually have to be a vegan to just enjoy some of the cuisine. Just spread your wings, open your mouth and have fun! On Saturday and Sunday, August 20th and 21st, Vegan Fest is coming to Charlotte Square in Edinburgh. The Roxburghe Hotel will be hosting the festival, and tickets for those interested are only £2 for adults and £1 for kids. The Vegan Festival came to Edinburgh for the first time last year, and for its second year the hype is strong – festival organisers are predicting thousands of people to attend this year.

11831645_459237254255389_3693255242523455941_nFor vegan business owners, this is a brilliant chance to market, promote and develop. On offer at the festival will be cakes, chocolate, hot takeaway food, make-up, clothing and even vegan cheese, among other things. There will also be a wide range of fresh, healthy produce! This will be some good fun for vegans and non-vegans alike, who can explore all sorts of food, and realise that it’s not all just tofu and lettuce. The Edinburgh Vegan Festival has the support of the Handmade Burger Company, who are trying to promote their vegan and vegetarian burgers, unfortunately not a lot of people know about these menu items!

Everyone in attendance at the festival will receive a two for one voucher on all vegan burgers. There will be stalls at the festival, selling all sorts of vegan goods for everyone to enjoy.

Let your taste buds have some fun! Explore the world of veganism, get to its roots and learn something new on the weekend of the 20th of August!

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