Alan Fitzpatrick Comes To Riverside

Since bursting onto the scene almost ten years ago, Alan Fitzpatrick’s progressed from a respected newcomer to an absolute juggernaut of the techno world and an incredibly busy one at that.

After launching his new venture ‘We Are The Brave’ in 2016, which Alan describes as “the home of all my creative interests from making music to releasing music to parties, events, fashion, art and whatever”, it’s no wonder he describes it as both his own future and the future of techno – we’re expecting big things to come from it in the coming months.

Aside from chatting about We Are The Brave, Alan also spoke to TSA about his set at Riverside this May, his respect for Nina Kraviz and his writing process, among many other things.

You’re playing the Riverside Festival this year, can you tell us a bit about what we can expect from your set?

Well to be totally honest I’m not really sure! I am playing B2B with Slam at the festival and despite playing on loads of the same parties over the years we’ve never played B2B before so it is a bit of step into the dark. In fact playing B2B isn’t really something I do all that often.

I think there needs to be a good reason for playing in tandem with someone else. It’s not just something you can throw together without knowing each other well or having a similar sound. I’m not sure all promoters understand this though as I’ve noticed the amount of requests for me to play B2B with other DJ’s has gone through the roof in the last couple of years.

It seems to be a current fashion but I’m not really into following trends for the sake of it. I prefer to follow a more natural path based on something tangible rather than random pairings of DJs who have been booked to the same party.

All that said I am not worried about playing B2B with Slam at Riverside. Its Slam, they are legends, and we are good friends who also share a similar musical taste so it will be loads of fun and I am sure it will sound great too!

What other acts will you make sure to catch?

I always enjoy listening to Nina Kraviz play as she always comes up with unique selections and she 100% has her own style. I really respect that.

It’s all too easy for DJs, especially the top headliners who have nothing left to prove and are playing multiple shows every weekend, to not try so hard with the preparation for gigs but every time I’ve seen Nina play I’ve always come away with the impression that she really meant it and that she gave an honest and genuine performance.

You tour all over the world – do you approach playing different crowds from different countries in specific ways?

I wouldn’t say it changes from country to country. Everyone is so educated and aware of everything thanks to the internet that geography really has nothing to do with much anymore.

Fans expect you to give a performance that matches their expectations so I tend to just be myself although being professional means sometimes I vary my set depending on the time I am playing or who else I am playing with or maybe it’s the fourth gig I am doing that weekend and I am bored silly of playing the same records!

When you’re writing tracks do you go in with a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve or are you looking for happy accidents?

Writing has to be a natural process. I’ve always got a million ideas so I’d be lying if I said I started fresh with nothing premeditated but more often than not things don’t end up exactly as I had imagined them or maybe they do but I got there via a totally different route.

Which track of yours are you most proud of and why?

That’s like asking which of your kids do you love the most. Impossible to say.

Can you tell us a bit about how you approached your Fabric mix? Different from putting together a live set?

The main difference was the amount of time I spent collecting music for the mix. I built up a selection of tracks I liked over three months and made sure I had a selection that covered styles that could be woven together to create a beginning, middle and end but from that point it was very much like a live set. I turned on the CDs, fired up the mixer, hit record and 80 minutes later we had the mix. One take!

I just had a quick look at your new We Are The Brave clothing line on the website, the hoodies in particular look great. How did We Are The Brave come about? Something you’re going to expand in the future?

We Are The Brave is my future. I hope so anyway as I’ve just had it tattooed on my hand! Seriously though I waited a long time to start my own thing, as I wanted it to be something special. Not just another record label.

We Are The Brave is going to be the home of all my creative interests from making music to releasing music to parties, events, fashion, art…. whatever. It’s a community that encompasses everything and everyone. Fans and talent. We are all in it together and for the same reasons – to come together as one to celebrate the shared culture we love.

The future of techno is…. ?

We Are The Brave!

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