Why Living And Studying In Glasgow Is The Best

The University of Glasgow


Earlier this year, Glasgow was voted ‘friendliest city’ yet again! It’s hardly surprising though, it’s a common accolade given to the city which really does have the loveliest locals. We promise they’ll make you feel right at home when you start living here.  


Although it’s not just the friendly citizens that make Glasgow a great place to live for students, there’s many brilliant things about Glasgow. But first things first, let’s get your accommodation sorted, you’ll need a place to rest your head in between lectures and student club nights.  


Obviously you’ll be looking for an affordable, decent place to stay and there’s no comparison to student accommodation.


If you manage to bag yourself in a room in one of the three Homes For Students accommodation blocks in Glasgow, you’ll find yourself in a great location. Not only are all the utility bills included, you will be living beside hundreds of other like-minded students, ready to explore the city with you. 


It depends on both your budget and the location you’d like to stay in when deciding which Homes For Students option to pick. As a rough guide if you’re looking to live in a slightly quieter area of Glasgow we’d recommend Firhill Court. Based near the University of Glasgow, it has free car parking and a shuttle bus making any trips out and about easy.


Or if you’re looking to live more centrally in Glasgow, opt for Kelvingrove House, it’s in the West End of Glasgow and is perfect for enjoying the eclectic area of the city.


However, if you’re looking for somewhere central and near all the transport links, opt for Riverside House which is close to the high street and Central Station. 


With your accommodation now sorted, we’ve broken down all the reasons why you’re going to love living and studying in Glasgow.


1) World class universities 

With Scotland being home to some of the best universities in the world, it is hardly surprising that Glasgow is included.


Glasgow University is within the top 1% of universities in the world and is a member of the Russell Group, which is the UK’s equivalent to the Ivy League! Glasgow Caledonian University has not only world class facilities, but literal award winning student support services.


2) The nightlife 

Glasgow has amazing clubs and bars for students to hang about in after the long lectures are over. 


The city is home to The Garage, the biggest nightclub in Scotland; The O2 ABC, a former converted cinema that’s now a huge gig venue and club; King Tuts, which is famous for supporting some of the biggest bands in the world early in their careers, including Oasis who were signed at the venue back in 1993; Sub Club, which is consistently voted one of the best clubs in the world and many other brilliant spaces, make sure you check out the West End too and pay a visit to Ashton Lane.  


3) Higher Future Salaries  

Fancy earning £22,500? Sounds like a crazy amount of money doesn’t it when your living off SAAS. However, that could be your wage in the not-to-distant future as statistics released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency in June 2017 showed that Scottish graduates had an average salary of £22,500, the highest in the UK, with the UK average being £21,500.  

4) Brilliant base for exploring 

If you’re set to move to Glasgow for university, you should try to dedicate some time to traveling around our beautiful country. Although if you’re from Scotland you’ll already know exactly how stunning it is but you’ve probably not explored it nearly as much as you’d like.


That’s why living in Glasgow is perfect, you’ve got the best of both worlds by living in an exciting city and being just a train, bus or car ride away from the likes of Loch Lomond, the Isle of Skye and the gorgeous places in between – although you’ll probably need to factor in a boat trip for some of the further afield visits.  


5) Value for money  

No, Scottish people aren’t ‘tight’ – we’re just careful with our money, there’s a difference. Luckily for us, there’s bargains to be had for students in Scotland. A 2016 study by voucher box.oc.uk found that Glasgow was the second cheapest place for a pint in the UK, costing £2.75 on average for a pint of lager. Compare that to the London average of £5.12 and you’ll save yourself more than a few pennies on pints throughout the year, very handy when you’re working with a student budget. 


There’s also more than 20 museums and galleries in Glasgow, all of which are free to enter, so you can soak up plenty of culture without spending a penny.  

Head to www.wearehomesforstudents.com/glasgow to book your accommodation today.


Now that you know pretty much all you need to about Glasgow, we bet you can’t wait to get settled into your new student accommodation. At first, it might feel a bit strange being away from home but there’s lots of ways to personalise your room and make it feel homelier without spending a fortune.  


1) Buy some inexpensive accessories from the budget homeware shops like B&M, Matalan and even Primark that reflect your personality. You could opt for bold prints, photo frames full of pictures of your friends, gorgeous smelling candles, piles of cushions and other trinkets to make the space your own.  


2) Studies have shown that soft lighting can help stimulate creative thinking, so go daft with fairy lights. They add such a cosy feel to any room and if it could have a positive impact on your creativity that’s a brilliant bonus.  


3) If you’ve got access to your own private bathroom in your student accommodation add some funky printed towels and colourful bathroom accessories, it might not seem like much but if you have a consistent theme or add little things like shells or nice storage jars, it’ll feel more personal and you’ll soon be right at home. 

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