Why Living And Studying In Edinburgh Is The Best

Castle Hill Edinburgh

Moving to Edinburgh this year for university? If so well lucky you! There so much going on year-round that you can honestly never get bored in the Scottish capital, making it the perfect choice for students looking for a fun four years.  


Along with the festival scene, there’s also the cultural opportunities, the highly respected educational institutions and the general gorgeousness of the city, all of which combined make Edinburgh a brilliant place to live. However, before you start getting too excited about moving there, you’ll need to sort out a place to stay. 


Homes For Students will have you sorted in no time with their central student accommodation, which include all utility bills within the weekly price.


Beaverbank Place, in the popular Canonmills area is perfect for those looking for a stylish accommodation close to shops, bars and top restaurants.


Now that your accommodation is sorted, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you’re going to love living and studying in Edinburgh.  


1) The Top-notch Universities 
The university of Edinburgh


Did you know that Scottish universities are among the best in the world? According to the 2017 QS World University Rankings, the highest-ranking Scottish university is The University of Edinburgh which came 19th overall, pretty impressive when we’re considering that’s out of the whole world!


Edinburgh University has such an interesting history too – it opened way back in 1583, has Nobel Prize winning alumni and was home to Dolly the sheep, the first animal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell. 


2) The Nightlife  
The Bongo Club, Edinburgh
The Bongo Club, Edinburgh


Edinburgh has one of the highest densities of pubs and bars per square mile in the UK, so no matter what your taste you’ll find a night out to suit.  If you’re looking for student friendly prices and somewhere to let your hair down and dance all night, head for Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh’s historic vaults.


Or if you’re looking for somewhere that’ll appeal to everyone in your new uni friends group, Sneaky Pete’s is your best bet – give all their regular nights a chance to discover the best new music in disco, soul, techno, hip hop and everything in between.


You’ll also definitely find yourself in Potterrow at some point and its likely their club night The Big Cheese will become your new guilty pleasure.  


3) So many activities

One thing is for sure, Edinburgh will never bore you, if anything you’ll struggle to fit it all in! If some retail therapy is what you’re after, all the shops you’ll ever need on located on Princes Street, as well as the famous annual Christmas markets.


For some history you can take wander along The Royal Mile and up to Edinburgh Castle then end the day with a trip to one of the many museums.


If culture is your thing, well then Edinburgh has it by the bucket-load, it isn’t called the festival capital of the world for nothing, so enjoy the likes of a traditional Hogmanay and try to stick around for the world famous Fringe festival in August! 


4) So many employers

You’ll end up loving Edinburgh so much that once your degree is over you simply won’t want to leave. However that is not a problem seen as Edinburgh has an abundance of big name employers right on its doorstep! With household names such as Amazon, IBM, Royal Bank of Scotland all with bases in Edinburgh you can easily gain an impressive salary once graduated.


5) Its the best kind of capital city 

Being in a capital means you are fully based in the centre of the hustle and bustle. Shops, restaurants, bars, buses, trains, cars, people are everywhere, and so you’re never far from whatever you need. However the marvellous thing about Edinburgh is that only 40 minutes by bus, you can relax in the tranquil Pentland Hills, a beautiful part of the West Highlands!


Busy city centre and open countryside right on your doorstep? Take that London!


Head to www.wearehomesforstudents.com/edinburgh to book your accommodation today.

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