What Makes University Different From High School?


Hello Freshers! So you’re about to start university? We know this can be pretty daunting, especially if you’re coming straight from high school, and jumping into the oh so scary world of being a (young) adult. 

We know we weren’t the only one’s to have had teachers tell us about how strict life in college and university is, and how you’ll get away with basically nothing. But here’s a spoiler for you all: life in higher education is actually pretty chill (at least at the start anyway). 

Here are five differences you’ll notice between high school and university.


1. There’s no cliques 

The average high school experience wasn’t exactly a scene out of Mean Girls, but there were definitely cliques. 

So we have the popular girls, the LADs, the book worms, the overachievers, the gamers, the stoners (let’s be hoest), and the moshers (cliques may vary in each high school).

But believe it or not, in big kid school, there’s not really any of that – and it’s awesome! Sure, everyone has their own style and are interested in their own thing, but all that judging that happened in High School, all those opinions we had of each other that kept us all to our own social groups – actually disappears. 

No-one really judges anyone else for the sake of it, and in most cases you might find that just about everyone gets on with everyone else. Overall, it’s much easier to talk to new people. 


2. You can do what you want

You thought you had freedom in sixth year. When you were allowed your own common room, you had free periods, and you were finally allowed to study the subjects you wanted to do. That was prison compared to the freedom you’ll have in uni.

What you study in university is centred on your field of education, and what you actually want to do in the real world. 


3. You won’t be chased up about late assignments

In high school, when you told your teacher you haven’t done your homework, you get torn to pieces. There’s the 10-minute long rant about how you won’t survive in the world of further education unless you get your act together.

Good news! That’s pretty much bullshit. 

We’re not saying your lecturer won’t care if you don’t hand in your assignments, but they do understand that you’re an adult now. 

Obviously don’t take the piss, if you have the odd assignment that won’t be ready in time due to a legitimate reason, let your lecturer know (spoiler alert, they will actually believe you – I know! Crazy). 

Which leads us onto our next point…


4. No-one is checking up on you 

Unlike high school, no-one will come after you or notify your parents if you are falling behind. In fact, in one way, some lecturers may even like students who don’t do the work because that leaves them with fewer assignments to grade. 

The only person standing in the way of you getting the work done is you – so start getting motivated.



5. It’s not about you; it’s about the work you do. 

Many new university students are used to getting credit for “having really tried hard.” But professors aren’t grading you on your effort or your sincerity. They are grading the work you do. Many of your professors will never know your name. If you are at a large university, they won’t even recognise you in the hallway. Sorry.

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