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Fancy meeting new people, developing a hobby, getting a little fitter or discovering that you’re actually amazing at some random sport? And doing it all for a cheap price? Then get involved with all the university sports and fitness opportunities on offer – it’s usually much cheaper than a standard gym and there’s something for everyone .. 



taxis cup 2University of Glasgow has lots of sporting activities to get involved in, and suits every preference of activity. Whether it’s something competitive you’re after, or just need some low-key exercise, there will be something suitable for you to join.

A popular choice at Glasgow Uni is the football six-a-side league which takes place Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. With a maximum squad size of 10, your entry fee would work out a tenner each (£100 per team). Your team will play 14 matches over two semesters where finishing top qualifies for the Garscube Cup final.

If you’re a solo athlete, there is a squash league containing 14 fixtures, and if successful, will see you compete for the Stevenson Shield. Entry for squash participants is £5 per person.

University of Glasgow also provides drop-in sessions for sporting activities which are designed to be a bit more relaxed and fun orientated. These sessions include: badminton; basketball; swimming; and volleyball.

The Uni also caters for beginners and provides courses for swimming and yoga, as well as outdoor activities such as golf, skiiing and bouldering. If exercise classes are your thing then you will be able to attend regular sessions of circuit training, BoxFit, and other cardio focussed regimes.

Glasgow Uni provides for pretty much every sporting person from curling to skydiving and is very easy to get involved in. Most activities require a membership form. This, and more information needed can be found online.


_DSC0049Glasgow Caledonian University offers a range of sporting activities to participate in. The Uni encourages everyone to take part, be active, and meet new people. Here, hosts the Active Lifestyles Programme which gives the opportunity to try something new in a relaxed environment.

Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of ability, and most activities are free of charge. There are great facilities at GCU including the ARC gym which offers a range of equipment for improving fitness, as well as sports halls for indoor activities such as badminton, basketball, and volleyball. There are around 35 different sports clubs at GCU including: football; boxing; athletics; and dance. Getting involved requires an annual membership fee of £35.


University of Strathclyde is full of sporting activities every day with its sports centre open until 9pm Monday to Friday and 5pm on Saturdays. Here, you can join in with exercise classes, as well as swimming coaching, even for beginners. You will be required to book these sessions either in person or by telephone.

five-a-sideSupervised gym sessions are available for extra guidance in reaching your fitness goals. Instructors are scheduled in at different times of the week to help you with this. In addition, you can take part in gym challenges such as the bleep test and continually improve your cardiovascular conditioning. Strathclyde also hosts five-a-side football leagues and other social activities such as basketball and badminton. Again, these are held in the sports centre.

The Uni has a spacious weights room as part of its sporting facilitites which includes a range of equipment such as: an 8 station multi-gym; squat and lifting rack; a multi function lifting rack and an ER powerlifting squat/line bench rack. There are also oak platforms for floor lifts, along with a range of Olympic Bars and weight plates.

The room is also equipped with a range of dumbells, several adjustable benches and back hyperextension bench. Strathclyde has sporting facilities for everyone and is very easy to become a member. Required membership forms can be found online. Students can also attend activities on a pay as you go basis at £1.80 per session.

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