Start Thinking Ahead: Try These Methods And Travel On A Budget Next Summer

Summer Travel


One of the best things about having a long summer break is the infinitie opportunities you have to spend time abroad. The world has some spectacular destinations to visit, places that you could only ever dream of, so here are some tips and ideas on how to travel on a budget during the summer months. 

Try these methods on your travels next summer.


EastSeven Berlin Hostel in Berlin

You don’t have to stay in the most luxurious of hotels to still get a good night’s sleep when travelling, why not opt for a cheaper option so that you can save money to put towards other activities or tours during your stay. Despite common misconceptions about hostels – they’re ridden with bed bugs, dirty and risky… The reality is very different for many. Hostels provide an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people from various backgrounds and cultures. However, before you book a hostel, have a look on sites like Trip Advisor and Hostel World to ensure you choose the right place.


If you really want to experience a place, the best way to do it is by staying with a family. This means you will rent out a room in a family’s home and have a unique and authentic experience. This poses a great opportunity to make real friendships with local people and learn about their culture, language and every day life. 


Teaching English Abroad with TEFL

If you’re bored of your current day-to-day life then why not try something extreme and immerse yourself in a completely new environment and help others. There are various volunteering opportunities available online where you can gain new experiences such as TEFL teaching roles, various aid projects, working in hospitals, do your research and find the ideal placement for you. Volunteering can give you a new perspective on life and help you gain transferable skills as you take on different roles and tasks which will help improve other people’s lives and also boost your CV.


Au-Pair Abroad

Another way to travel on a budget is by working as an Au-pair. You can be placed anywhere across Europe, Asia and South America – take your pick! This role involves spending time with a family looking after their children as a baby sitter and doing light-house work or even teaching English, you might even learn a new language by doing so! Families will often pay you to look after their children and might even take you travelling in exchange. This is a fantastic way to meet friends for life and on many occasions, host families can become like a real family. 


Couchsurfing can be used to travel the world

A slightly modern and new approach to travelling on a budget. Couchsurfing is an app available on the App Store which allows you to meet new and interesting people willing to let you stay with them during your time abroad. Many are interested in your culture and want to make friends or learn a new language. This can help you gain a real insight into a new place as you spend your time living like a local. Be sure to get to know who you’ll be staying with before-hand and this could make for a unique experience.

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