Top Tips To Make Money While Looking For A Graduate Job

Ah, the graduate job.

An elusive, mysterious concept to which all finalists must strive, yet not all of us will walk into once the degree is put in our sticky paws. Many of us will move back home after university, as the cost of living in the UK can be pretty steep, rents are ridiculous, and if you see another advert for a graduate recruiter position you may just hurl your laptop out of the window!

While you’re sat scrolling listlessly through job listings online and desperately jazzing up your LinkedIn profile, why not flex your creative muscles and try making some quick extra cash?

Follow these tips for making extra cash while looking for a Grad job and make the most of your downtime. In the end, you will find that great job – but until then, here’s some quick financial injections straight to your bank account.

tumblr_nny3cxlzi41qj4315o1_500A part-time casual job is an obvious one, but it’s ideal, as you can spend some time working and the rest looking for the job you really want. Go into town and check shop and café windows for adverts, and ask inside if any roles might be coming up. Be prepared with a stack of updated CVs, in case they want someone straightaway. It might not feel like it (does it ever?), but summer is on its way and the tourist season is already kicking into gear, so keep an eye out for seasonal jobs in shops, on campsites and at tourist attractions. It’s a great way to get some work experience to fill a gap in your CV, and it’s often easier to drop these kinds of jobs if you land a great graduate role.

Temping is perfect if you don’t want to commit to a long-term role, especially if that role is dull and probably won’t lead anywhere useful. Sign up to an agency or two and you could be working contracts at any length, from one day to a week, a month or more, and start earning straightaway while picking up useful skills.

Speaking of skills – what have you got? Any talent or interest can be converted into cash if you think hard enough. Your degree has already given you an area of expertise, so you could tutor local kids for your chosen (reasonable) sum. Set your own hours and find resources online – it couldn’t be much easier.

Love animals and could do with more exercise? Advertise your services as a dog walker. If you play instruments, you could give music lessons to anyone eager to learn, try your hand at busking, or have a go at making it on YouTube. Budding writers can have a go at earning money on Upwork or Freelancer, or even pitch to your favourite blogs and magazines to get some experience.

ezgif-24629203881Whatever you can do – flog it! Someone will want your talents. And it can be as batty as you like; on Fiverr you can offer almost anything for quick cash, as examples include mailing glitter bombs, making a font for Word from the customer’s handwriting, and, one of my favourites, ‘I will read your script in a warm and smooth male voice’ (ooh er).

While you’re selling your talents, you can sell your stuff. Have a spring clean and a declutter, freeing your mind and your room from anything you don’t want. Old textbooks can be sold on Facebook groups, eBay or sell them on Amazon, while any clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more are good candidates for an eBay sell-off, or the ASOS Marketplace.

These are just a few ideas to start you off – the limit to your earning power is your imagination, so get to thinking and you could soon be earning extra cash in-between searching for your dream grad job and sending off those applications. Student Money Saver has an ultimate guide to money making if you’re stuck for more ways to do it!

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