THE VAN T’S play King Tut’s stage at TRNSMT

The Van T's

Surf rock grungers and ever rising stars The Van T’s are set to play the King Tut’s stage at July’s inaugural TRNSMT festival. We launched a few quick fire questions in their direction, you can read their answers below. 


For this one they’ll be armed with a belter of a brand new song in ‘Fresh Meat’, it’s a tough, noisy and riff heavy affair and sure to go down a treat live. What better way to get your TRNSMT Saturday evening off to a flyer?



Really looking forward to seeing the band playing this Saturday at TRNSMT, it’s the 4.30pm time slot right?  Should be a busy one. Do you think the line up on Saturday might mean that it’s an opportunity to play a different crowd than you might normally do?  

Thanks, it genuinely always means a lot when someone says that. It is indeed, we can only hope! You never know who you’re going to be playing to regardless of which day you’re playing at a festival like TRNSMT, it’s always a great opportunity to try and win over some new fans whilst aurally offending those who aren’t so impressed.  


The Scottish new music scene is really well represented at TRNSMT, what other local bands should everyone make sure not to miss?

Be Charlotte, Gerry Cinnamon, Medicine Men, Sahara, The LaFontaines, The Vegan Leather, Vukovi and Wuh Oh.


Enjoying your new single ‘Fresh Meat’.  Do the lyrics stem from a real life situation?  Can you tell us a bit about how it was put together?

Too kind! I guess it’s about getting a little bit older and observing scenes and situations that are reminiscent of a younger self. Chloe had the hook for quite a while but we were working on another track at the time. After deciding to go in and record two, we worked on a demo version of it at our friend Gian’s house and long story short, it ended up being released first!  



You’ve moved record labels from Bloc + Music to LAB, what was the thinking behind that decision?

It really just seemed like the right move to make in the direction of natural progression as well as the right time to do it. Bloc+ picked us up after one of our first King Tuts shows in 2014 and we really could not be more thankful for all that they have done for us and everyone that they have introduced us to, we cannot recommend them enough as a vital catalyst in the progression of any young Glasgow band. They will be missed but it was something that had to happen eventually, we’re also really excited to be putting our next few singles out with LAB, they are doing a lot of big things just now and we are lucky to have found them!


Can we expect a new EP or album on the back of ‘Fresh Meat’?

The band consensus is that we have released enough E.P’s for the moment so the longer term goal would obviously be an album but we feel that we still need to build towards this and as I’m sure you’re already aware, an album is a pretty large scale time consuming project and we all still have jobs at the moment so I wouldn’t start holding your breath quite yet! 


Head to TRNSMT Saturday 8th July at Glasgow Green check out The Van T’s!


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