Students Warned to Check Gadget Insurance Cover Before Taking Up Residence in Halls

You’ve done the hard part: you’ve actually attained access into the big, ol’ wide world of University and, wow, is it laden with gadgets galore. But will the insurance at your new halls of residence have your back during this newfound independence if, say, those extensions of your wrist get damaged or, worse, stolen?

You’re entering a period of newness, particularly in your living situation and social circle, and you’re more than likely going to be carting all of your tech into various liquid-orientated situations. (This is a direct shout out to the 47% of you who have damaged your phones by immersing them in liquids — i.e. the local pub toilets. Well done, everyone.) And, while most halls of residence or student accommodation will include some form of contents insurance as part of your Residences Agreement, comparison website,, is actively urging all students to check the level of cover they get from their university to prevent anyone being out of pocket – and sync with the rest of the world – should something happen.

Unfortunately, a little scour over the small print of your Agreement is enough to educate you: your gadgets are not as protected as you might believe.

Steve Jones, CEO of Protect Your Gadget, (that’s Jones not Jobs by the way) has advised that: “Whilst many universities provide a basic level of cover for your belongings in halls of residence, many students may not realise that they’re not covered if they take their gadgets outside of their accommodation.”

The Complete University Guide recently reported that 22% of students have had their property stolen just outside of their place of residence, mobile phones being the prime target. Jones has warned that, “the basic level of cover will not pay out for any claim for theft or malicious damage from any communal area.” Heads up, everyone: that includes common rooms and shared bathroom facilities.

As poster kids for the technological generation, you will likely never know of a world where students had to shake themselves alive at the crack of dawn, go hungry and suppress their need for the toilet in the quest for a desktop PC in the library.

Studying has become very portable. As Jones highlights, “the increase in number of public Wi-Fi hotspots means that as long as you’ve got a laptop or tablet, you can do your work in a cafe, shopping centre, or even in the pub”.

However, this added public exposure means that blemishes are far easier to come by and these can be extremely expensive to rectify if you don’t have the correct kind of cover for your device.

Jones advises that a dedicated gadget insurance policy is a sensible option for young people given that is isn’t unusual for students to take three or more gadgets to university.

We know what you’re thinking: I’ll deal with any problems when they arise. That’s fine if you believe you will be in a position to afford replacing your, uncovered,

£1000 MacBook in the peak of student poverty: summer holidays. But for the mere mortals among us, the cost of cover can be as little as the price of two pints.

One of the many benefits of sourcing your contents insurance through’s price comparison initiative is that there are no extra charges for paying your premium monthly rather than annually. No charges means no excuses!


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