Simian Mobile Disco Head To SWG3 For 6 Music Festival

Ahead of Simian Mobile Disco’s performance at SWG3 on Saturday 25 March, we spoke to Jas from the group about playing in Glasgow, the Radio 6 Music Festival and the uniqueness of Optimo.

You’re performing at this year’s Bbc Radio 6 Music Festival in Glasgow, what has your experience with the city been like?

We’ve played Glasgow a lot of times, Sub Club and the Arches when it was open. Glasgow is always ace, amazing crowds and a great scene.

You join the likes of Depeche Mode and Optimo on the lineup, will you be going to see any of the other acts on the bill over the weekend?

Will definitely try and catch a few people and Optimo and Depeche will be high up the list!

Glasgow is well-known for its underground DJ scene, notably sub club and the dominance of Optimo night during the 90’s and 00’s: was there a similar night for you back down in England?

Optimo is so unique – there wasn’t really a club night playing that broad spectrum of music in London. There were plenty of good nights (Trash etc) but nothing quite as eclectic and deep as Optimo.

What music shaped you into the artists that you are today?

There’s a huge list, couldn’t possibly go into it full here. But a small selection would include LFO, Aphex, Moondog, Delia Derbyshire, Raymond Scott, Jeff Mills, Talk Talk, Robert Wyatt.

Techno, specifically mainstream, gets widely criticised for its repetitive structure, do you feel like there are enough acts trying to turn the tide?

If you’re criticising techno for it’s repetitive structure, then you probably don’t understand it properly… I don’t think there needs to be a movement to change that!

What artist would you guys most like to have featured on a track of yours and why?

Dream vocalists would probably be Nick Cave or Bjork.

Are there any notable artists or acts that you feel are important to your genre right now?

Objekt is doing some pretty special stuff at the moment.

Jas, while James focussed on production, you made a move towards DJing: how did that go for you?

DJing is something we’ve both done together for a long time, it’s just moved a bit more towards me doing more gigs on my own, as James’ producer schedule doesn’t allow him to do as much. So a small adjustment into playing more solo, but generally I love DJing so happy to be doing it as much as possible.

You guys recently released a new record, now that it’s out what are your thoughts about it? What has the reception been like so far?

Pretty good so far… it’s a club oriented instrumental techno record, so never going to top the charts. It’s a good picture of where our club tastes are and music we made to DJ with. Our next SMD project will be something quite different.

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