2016 Fringe First Winners Sh!t Theatre are back with DollyWould – A show about Dolly Parton. Why? Because they f*cking love her!

There’s a show coming to the Fringe this year, and it’s about Dolly Parton! Well that was enough for us to catch up with the masterminds behind London theatre group Sh!t Theatre, Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit, and last year’s Fringe First winners.

We asked them a bit about their background and their latest addition to this year’s Fringe Festival.  

“We both studied at Queen Mary University of London – where you are taught to be a homosexual or at least to pass convincingly. We started off together in a long-form improv group called Streets of Rage when we were both 18 years old. We did one show. We then started taking shows to the Edinburgh Fringe with our friends Rich and Doug in a company called Unfinished Theatre and when we were forced into the real world (graduated) we started Sh!t Theatre as a coping mechanism in more ways than one – Louise was asked to perform at a political night by a young woman who wanted to get into her knickers. She said ‘yes, but only if Becca can perform too’ and so the first Sh!t show was a successful vag block exercise.” 

When looking back at their previous shows, they seem to follow a very similar theme; unemployment, signing on, economical crisis… however Dolly Parton seems to be a slight change of pace. “The show is also about death, branding, cloning, immortality and semiotics. But it’s mostly a sh!t-tribute to our idol Dolly Parton. Our shows usually come from a place of anger but this year, with the world as it is, we wanted to make a show from a place of love. And we fucking love Dolly.”  

“This is our b-side prog-rock concept album. Our sh!t Kid A. So we don’t know what to expect, but whatever it is we can handle it.” 

DollyWould comes to Edinburgh Fringe Festival
London Theatre group Sh!t Theatre, Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit bring DollyWould to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

When asked what the country singer-songwriter meant to Louise and Becca, they didn’t hold back. 

“She holds the record for the best-selling single by a woman of all time and She has 46 Grammy nominations, tying with only Bruce Springsteen. She has written over 3,000 songs and She’s so smart and she’s so witty and she’s probably a lesbian – she’s definitely a lesbian and has tattoos of butterflies and flowers etched onto her breasts and arms which is why she never wears short sleeves and she writes all her own songs and she turned Elvis down when he tried to cover “I will Always Love You” and take half the rights and she always jokes about herself before you can and she gave 1,000 dollars a month to every resident of her local town for 6 months of the year after it burned down and she provides work for and job security for the people of her hometown and she’s a really good actor and she’s done this amazing thing where her songs sound simple but musically they’re really interesting and she’s really nice and nobody has anything bad to say about her and our mate Kendahl’s dad met her once and then again 11 years later she remembered him by name despite meeting millions of people every year and there aren’t many songs about female bodily functions but she wrote a song called “PMS Blues” and she’s ADORABLE, and she plays all her own instruments and she grew up in a shack dirt poor and she modelled herself as the town tramp because that’s her idea of beauty and she makes grown adults cry and she knows how to give people what they want: She always looks good, she always does her hits, she’s always on form, she’s always funny, she’s everything you expect and more and in March 1986 she did something no female country singer songwriter, or male country singer songwriter, or singer songwriter had ever done before. She did something only Dolly would do. She bought the site and area surrounding her childhood home and built a theme park and named it after herself.”

The girls were also kind enough to give us a list of shows we should not miss at this year’s festival.

“Our Carnal Hearts – Summerhall, My Heart on a Plate by Mark Dean Quinn – Heroes at the Hive, Wild Bore – Traverse, A Girl and a Gun – Summerhall, Eggs Get Around – Summerhall, Everything else at Summerhall, Luke McQueen – Pleasance and Ladies Boys of Bangkok (but only if you’ve taken loads of mandy because it’s very problematic for the first 15 minutes before the drugs kick in. Apparently)

DollyWould will be playing at Summerhall for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2, 4-20, 22-27 August). Tickets can be purchased here.

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