Looking To Stick To Your “Get Fit” NY Resolution?

Would You Be Willing To Give Four Hours Of Your Life Playing Football For A Pizza? 

So PureGym has come out with some fairly life ruining research. Apparently that Chinese takeaway I love too much and eat way too often would take me a solid two hours of working out on an exercise bike to burn off.

Yep, the experts over at PureGym, the 24 hour gym that has so many locations that they may as well include your mum’s front garden, have calculated exactly how much exercise you’ll need to do to work off your favourite foods. That includes pizza, Chinese and Indian takeaways, burgers and chips, and, yes, they’ve ruined booze for us as well.

The Daily Mail reported the research conducted by PureGym, and found that a large pizza gains you about 2,000 calories, and would take four hours of playing football to burn off; the 1,200 calories in a Chinese takeaway would cost you two hours on the exercise bike; you’d have to spend three hours doing aerobics to burn off the 900 calories in a burger and chips; the 1,500 calories in an Indian takeaway will result in you having to hop on the rowing machine for a whopping two and a half hours. Good times.

When it comes to alcohol, well, the calories per serving aren’t so bad? That’s what I originally thought when I saw that a small glass of wine only contained 70 calories. Then I realised, when the hell have I ever had a small glass of wine? When the hell have I only ever had one?!

Let’s say you’re out on the town and have four pints of beer. There’s 1,000 calories for you right there, as one pint contains about 250. As one pint would take twenty minutes of climbing to burn off, well then you better stretch and suit up for your hour and twenty minutes of it. By the way, did you know that one jaeger bomb gains you 150 calories?! How scary is that.

Speaking of research done by PureGym, have you heard the term “fresher’s five?” This term refers to the five kilograms (about 11 pounds) first year students may put on during fresher’s week. It makes sense. All these promotions going on, the encouragement to go out every night, the first tastes of adulthood and freedom and all that free food going about.

With all that going on, it’s pretty hard not to gain a bit of weight, seriously. A thousand students were surveyed and PureGym found that 45% of them had gained weight during their first week at university due to the consumption of too much booze and junk food. A PureGym representative stressed that fatty items may seem small and insignificant but they can all add up very quickly: “From those late night cheesy chips to a cool pint after lectures, the calories can quickly add up, and in some cases nearly exceed your daily calorie recommendation. Many students are oblivious to just how easy it is to gain extra kilos during their time at university.”

In efforts to avoid gaining the fresher’s five, PureGym advises setting yourself some “cast iron” rules, cooking your own meals (I’m sorry but unlikely) and walking as much as possible (now that’s more likely).

Fresher’s or not, PureGym has also released a few wee tricks for those who want to lose a little bit of weight as well. These little tricks involve taking smaller bites, chewing thoroughly, putting the fork down between bites and mouthfuls, loading up with water and, yeah, simply eating right.

Eating right can seem fairly daunting. You might be asking yourself, “doesn’t that require a lot of effort?” and you might be telling yourself, “healthy food is nowhere near as tasty as fast food.”

Well,what’s that? A hero on the horizon? Jamie Patterson, student turned personal trainer, has devised the Session Plan, a diet plan that caters to the party heavy lifestyle of students.

Since the release of his plan, he’s been filling his Snapchat and Facebook with videos and pictures of healthy meals that, to be quite frank, have been making me literally drool. He wants you to bring a different kind of six pack to the party, and the SessionPlan will help you do just that.

As usual, gyms everywhere will surely be filled with all types of people at the moment, eager to get a good start to 2017 by getting in shape and sticking to those new year resolutions.

The research conducted by PureGym, about how fatty our favourite foods really are and how much work we really have to do to burn the fat off, might scare you into feeling the need to get down to your local gym at the crack of dawn. However, by following Jamie’s theories around maintaining your student lifestyle and staying in shape, you can take solace in knowing that being a big fan of booze might not be a great deterrent in getting fit anymore.

We Caught Up With Jamie (Creator Of The Session Plan) – And This Is What He Had To Say:

From law, to English and language, to drop out, Jamie Patterson was down on his luck when he decided to become a personal trainer. It made sense – he was giving so many tips and tricks to his pals, it all seemed to be working! Why not spread the good word, help other people get fit?

That’s when it dawned on Jamie. There’s so many people out there (mostly students) who love getting blootered like, three times a week, who don’t want to give the sesh up, but also want to stay in shape!

And thus, Jamie Patterson created The Session Plan, which was released in December. So we had a chat with the man behind it all, about the plan, about his aspirations and a few other bits and bobs.

Can you tell us about how you went about constructing the session plan?

It all started when I was at university. I really struggled to find the balance between partying, keeping fit and studying, and ended up in me not being very happy about my situation and dropping out.

After spending a bit of time figuring out what I wanted to do, I qualified as a personal trainer. Still being mates with all the people I knew from university, I started a Facebook group for those of them who wanted to get in better shape whilst at uni. The deal was, I’d write them a training programme and basic nutrition guide for them to follow, if they sent me ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of their progress so I could prove I was good at what I was doing.

Word started getting around uni that my programmes were good, and more importantly, they worked – and before long I was getting people I didn’t know messaging me asking if they could get involved.

That was when I realised there was a market that wasn’t being satisfied – young people who love to party but would like to be in better shape while they’re doing it! As a result, I took my combined knowledge of what it’s like to be partying all week – the positives and negatives – with my knowledge as a personal trainer of fitness and nutrition to create The Session Plan.

What makes the session plan so different from any other plan out there?

I suppose what makes The Session Plan different is that it isn’t a generic programme that tells you ‘3 sets of this’ ‘4 sets of this’. It’s more of an education, teaching you how to programme for yourself.

As people’s lifestyles change – even week to week – so should their gym plan, and a fixed workout programme just doesn’t allow you to do that. And that’s as well as it teaching you how to eat Dominos and drink pints of lager and still stay in shape – that’s pretty different too!

So PureGym is going on about how it’ll take about four hours of playing football to burn off the calories gained by eating a large pizza (according to PureGym, that’s about 2,000). Would you say the session plan would turn that kind of research on its head? How?

Yeah, that’s fine what PureGym is saying, and they’re probably right – but it just seems like a bit too much hard work to me.

What PureGym are forgetting to take into account of when they’re talking about playing four hours of football (think even the professionals would struggle with that!) is that low-level, continuous exercise is one of the least effective (and least interesting) ways to burn calories – provided you even want to get rid of the calories through exercise!

Say you do have pizza that sets you back 2,000 calories – not all that has to be burnt off that day, or even through exercise at all. You can break it down to be far more manageable if you think about it over your week, rather than that one day alone.

Say you have a pizza on a hangover on Sunday – over the week that only works out as 400 calories a day Mon-Fri you need to get rid of – and that’s nothing. Even just gradually reducing your portion sizes over a day can save you a few hundred calories – and that’s before we’ve even thought about short, effective exercise sessions.

In a 30 minute HIIT session (High Intensity Interval Training), you can expect to burn anything between 400-650 calories. On top of that – these types of workout cause the ‘afterburn effect’ – causing your body to burn calories 18-24 hours after the workout has finished! Pretty awesome, right?

So without labouring the point – it’s really not too difficult to stay in shape – it’s just having the knowledge to do it as effectively and easily as possible!

How well do you think the session plan will work for students who have never dieted before, and don’t have a lot of time for exercise and healthy meal preparation?

First of all – my plan definitely isn’t about dieting, and I would NEVER recommend anyone ‘dieting’ as any of my clients will tell you. If you mean ‘students who don’t have any knowledge of nutrition’, then that’s exactly who my plan is designed for – teaching people everything they need to know about nutrition to be able to do what I do, without having to sift through all the rubbish fitness info out there.

On the subject of students who ‘don’t have time’ for cooking or exercising – having been a student myself I can say for the most part, that just isn’t the case. I think a lot of people use time as a good excuse for not cooking or exercising, but as people have seen from my snapchats, cooking can take as little as 10-15 mins, and if you cook a big batch that’s you sorted for most of the next day!

With regards to exercise, you don’t need to be in a gym to train. You can knock out a 20 min HIIT workout in your bedroom before a lecture – it really just comes down to whether you actually care about being fit, because if you do, it isn’t too difficult to do with a bit of knowledge, guidance and some minor, sustainable life changes.

What about the students who just straight up hate exercising and moving when they don’t have to? Any tips for them?

For students that hate moving when they don’t have to – I’m presuming this is down to lack of energy and motivation as it was for me – I’d first of all encourage them to look at what they’re eating. A lot of problems energy/motivations are rooted in people not getting the nutrition they need from their food to fuel them for the day.

If you cant be bothered leaving your flat, the first thing I’d say is get an online grocery shop delivered – you can even set these up for the same delivery to be sent to your door every week without you doing anything!

From there, start cooking some healthy, easy meals for a few weeks. Once you’ve got into the habit of having a better diet, then it’s time to start thinking about exercise. Most importantly – find something you enjoy doing! I can’t stand treadmills either and couldn’t think of a worse way to spend my time! But first of all – energise yourself from the food you’re eating before even having to stress yourself considering stepping foot in a gym!

What is the key for balancing a hectic life of partying and studying?

I’d say the key to balancing fitness and partying – as I’ve said to people asking me on Snapchat – is knowledge. If you know HOW to do it, actually doing it isn’t too difficult!

But without a decent knowledge base on what the alcohol and unhealthy food does to your body – it’s going to be pretty difficult for you to do anything about reversing it! I also use a very specific concoction of supplements that make my mornings a lot more bearable by replacing the vitamins, minerals and hormones depleted after a night of drinking.

This will also be available through The Session Plan website!

You can follow Jamie’s Instagram (@sessionplanjam) and Snapchat (sessionplanjam) to keep up to date with any updates and for advice, nutrition & exercise tips and to ask him any questions. 

The Session Plan is now available to purchase online.

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