Prides Play Glasgow Pride 2016

Glasgow-based Prides create infectious, uplifting synth-pop and following their epic performance at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, a successful debut album and a headlining tour, they remain one of Scotland’s best bands.

Two years after TSA first sat down with the band, Prides perform at Pride Glasgow 2016, bringing their anthemic sound to Glasgow Green on Sunday 21 August.

How are you feeling about playing at Pride Glasgow 2016?

Really excited! I’ve actually never been before, but so many friends have been telling me they’ve had the best time there so I’m looking forward to it.

We last spoke in 2014, just after you’d performed at the Commonwealth closing ceremony and before you’d released The Way Back Up. What have the last two years been like for the band?

Pretty manic, a lot has happened since then! We were working towards completing and releasing the album, last year we were touring all over the place and we had an amazing summer festival season. We finished the year headlining a tour with the biggest shows we ever played. This year so far we’ve been settling back into things and tentatively started our second album.



What drew you guys to perform at Glasgow Pride this year? 

They were kind enough to ask us to play! With us being a Glasgow band it made perfect sense; we hadn’t played in a while and after working on new material for a while it felt like a great one-off celebratory event for people.

Aside from your name, what does Pride mean for you?

Yeah, we did wonder how long it would take for people to make the connection! For us, we didn’t click the reference at first, but it’s a fortuitous coincidence. We’ve got such a great fan base within the LGBT community and are thrilled to have been asked to perform.

Why do you think Pride celebrations are so important, particularly in 2016?

They are massively important, especially with this year so far seeing so many horrendous things happening around the world. The only way to stand up and fight against that is to do so with celebration and love.

We need to promote unity and show that kind of hatred isn’t allowed to happen. Love comes first, always, and this is a way for us to show support and be involved.

How’s the set list shaping up for Pride? What can fans expect to hear? 

We’re playing some new material, which we’re quite excited about. There are some tracks we’ve been working on with a tentative release near the end of the year so it’ll be great to perform them at Pride.

Who are some of your gay icons?

Elton John, absolutely; he’s the musician who made me want to play the piano. George Michael is an amazing singer, Freddie Mercury…basically all my record collection!

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

We’re going to get our new music out pretty soon, hopefully by the end of the year. Hopefully travelling around Europe a lot and playing shows, probably doing a tour before the year’s out. Our focus is on writing and trying to make a start on the second album, which is slightly intimidating but I’m really excited about it.

Photo Credit: @EuanRphoto

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