Movie POTM – Captain America: Civil War

War, what is it good for? Well, if you’re Marvel Studios, the answer to that is a great sequel.

April sees the release of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. Based on the comic storyline of the same name, this latest feature instalment sees Captain America going against former team mate and friend, Iron Man.

Just how did it come to this for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? Two of their best, leading separate forces of Avengers against each other in defence of what they believe to be right. Ever since day one, neither has been a fan of the other; Stark believing Cap to be an overrated relic who’s just annoying as he his self-righteous, while Cap thinks Stark is a spoiled narcissistic ass who’s only there because he has a fancy suit that does the fighting for him.

Hell, Cap demands Stark “put on the suit and go a few rounds”, and the only reason they don’t is because the whole place starts falling apart before they can. Now, granted, they do end up mutually respecting each other and so and so forth, but let’s not kid ourselves: there’s still a divide between those two.

Despite some time apart, they still bicker in Age of Ultron, with Stark taking particular issue with the fact that despite him funding everything and everyone, it’s still Cap who gives the orders. Cap is pretty chill about it all until Stark helps build a “murder bot” that begins rampaging across the globe. Cap kind of loses his chill after that.

Long story short, they actually fight before Thor puts on a lightshow to break it up. In the end, though, it appears they’re the best of chums again. But nothing lasts forever. How did they end up back at each other’s throats? It has been confirmed a classic Captain America villain, Baron Zemo, will appear in the movie, so expect some string pulling in the story, but there are two significant points which lead to the (un)civil war.

Firstly, the Sokovia accords. As a result of the destruction that follows the Avengers, the U.N created this legislation to put not only the Avengers, but all super humans, under U.N command. While Stark feels this is the only way forward, Cap isn’t so keen to become the head of a superhuman hit squad. This is only the powder keg though, not the match that blows the whole thing up.

That honour goes to James ‘Bucky’ Barnes who, due to the whole super brainwashed hitman for Hydra thing, is wanted by world authorities for his crimes. This is what turns Cap into a rogue agent as he will not stand by while the only family he really has left (they may not be blood but they sure as hell are brothers) is put on trial for crimes he was forced
to commit.

You’ve already begun trying to justify your side, haven’t you? Who’s on whose side then?

In team Iron Man we have; War-Machine, Black Widow, the Vision, Black Panther and Spider Man. All in all a fairly heavy hitting team, but team Cap aren’t a group of push overs either. They consist of: Bucky, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Agent 13, Falcon and Ant Man. Not as powerful as Iron man’s squad but when it comes to fighting expertise, things become a lot more level. Not having doubts about your choice, are you?


There will be a massive fallout from this movie, with the directors, the Russo brothers, promising a darker movie and permanent change to the MCU after the credits have rolled. This can only mean that at least one character will die during the run time of Civil War, there’s already some names in a betting pool but if you know your comics then there could be one massive upset in store.

The Avengers as we know them will have been disassembled and replaced by a new unified team by the end of the day, but from this we can see new characters take front and centre. In particular the likes of Black Panther and Spiderman whom can replace the likes of Iron man and Cap after the Infinity War movies have been and gone.

This movie is going to be a big hit for Marvel. It’s a fact. The Russos are more than capable in delivering a solid movie that will not only appease fans, but the general audience, especially those who dislike the MCU but enjoyed the Winter Soldier as a standalone film.

With the sheer cast involved it can be considered to be Avengers 2.5, so rest assured the action is going to be outstanding and some of the best to date.

The only question left to ask yourself then is this: are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Captain America: Civil War is in cinemas 29 April. 

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