Postgraduate Study Options

Thinking about options after your undergrad? Moving on to a postgraduate degree can be a really sensible next step.

In 2013 the Sutton Trust reported a “postgraduate premium” – someone with a masters earns an extra £5,500 per year on average compared with someone with just a bachelors. However, as postgrad study is an expensive option, it’s something worth really thinking about.

Good reasons for further study

  • postgraduate studyYou’re passionate about your subject, enjoy studying and can afford the time and money involved.

  • You want to move into a career which requires a specific qualification such as social work, teaching or law.

  • You’re thinking about re-training to enter a new field, eg IT or human resources.

  • You’re interested in an academic career where a PhD is almost always a requirement.

More dubious reasons

  • “Cancelling out” a poor first degree result – some graduate schemes still need a 2:1, regardless of further study undertaken.

  • You need more time to decide about your future. Masters courses are very intensive, leaving little time for reflection or job-hunting, so you may graduate a second time with no clearer ideas about your future.

Getting help with decisions

If you’re not sure whether a postgrad is for you, speak to your university’s Careers Service – they can help you work out if further study or work is the best option. If you’ve already decided to move onto a postgrad, speaking to potential universities in person will be really useful. Postgraduate fairs are a good way to speak to lots of unis at once – some dates for your diary:

Finally, Open Days are really useful to get right into the detail of your chosen degree and speak with current students and academic staff. For a full listing of dates, see the FindAMasters website:

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