Pick of the Month – Transformers: The Last Knight

Total Bayhem will be sweeping movie theatres once more this summer as infamous director Michael Bay returns to helm the fifth installation of his signature franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight.

Lead actor Mark Wahlberg returns to reprise the role of hopeless mechanic and inventor Cade Yeager. Joining him in his fight alongside the autobots against a seemingly turned evil Optimus Prime is veteran actor Anthony Hopkins and actress Isabela Moner taking up the role of the young lead for the film.

There is a stellar amount of expectation riding on this film for both the fans and studio alike. The previous film Transformers: Age of Extinction made over a whopping one billion globally despite receiving mostly negative reviews from sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

The studio wants to continue riding the wave of Michael Bay’s unquestionable ability to draw summer blockbuster crowds into movie theatres while fans want a little bit of continuity; Why have the autobots been around since medieval times? Was the first film not the first time they visited Earth? Why are dead decepticons suddenly back again? Why does Megatron look like Ultron on protein shakes? So many questions unanswered.

While I fear we may not get the answers to everything we want, Michael Bay has promised us that this film will connect each and every installation within the franchise so far together in a way that solidifies the story a bit more and perhaps making up for some of the glaring mistakes of its predecessor. This is also to be the final Transformers film directed by the director of destruction. Mind you he said that for the last film and well here he is again. Money has a powerful sway over some people.

The franchise while being able to adapt to what the contemporary audience wants to see has had a habit of trying to outdo itself with every film. The finales have gotten grander and more ridiculous each time. We have went from a skirmish within city streets during the first film to a ship sucking up buildings over Hong Kong. This usually makes for a bloated film that by the time the third act does occur you can’t help but have a sense of feeling drained or burnt out from all that is going on.

I must give Michael Bay some credit though, he’s one of the few directors that love to shoot as much with an IMAX camera as he possibly can. While a lot of the action scenes are explosives that look like fireworks going off there, is a distinct rush of adrenaline and awe when you witness Opitmus Prime charging in to battle or even seeing Grimlock for the first time charging head first into decepticons on the IMAX screen.

The next question is: Can Transformers compete against the numerous blockbusters already on the big screen this summer? Wonder Woman has already broken a record for its opening day, The Mummy is due to release soon and Spiderman alongside War the for the Planet of the Apes releases just over a week after Transformers hits. It’s got a lot of competition this year and the robot cars may find themselves not the only ones racing to reach the top of the box office again.

Whether you love Michael Bay or hate him. Are a dedicated member of the cult of Bayhem or actively protest against his supposed crimes against good cinema. The man clearly has something going for him, so much so that the phrase ‘Bayhem’ was coined as an official cinematic style. I’m not holding my breathe for anything ground-breaking at this point or for the fifth film to fix any form of continuity that the franchise can grasp.

For the few moments though that I get to see dinobots and autobots fight alongside together to recycle a boatload of decepticons, I guess it’s the moments like that where Michael Bay has done his work right. If there’s one thing the man can do that few other directors can it’s making sure that this summer your backside is in a movie theatre or IMAX auditorium.

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