One Night Stand – The How To Guide

One Night Stand

It happens, right? You’re having a fun night out, having a few drinks when you meet a good looking stranger and something has to be done about this! You have a few more drinks together, you talk, you kiss and suddenly you’re both in a taxi to one of your houses and you’re babbling, “shape of you is totally our song!” Or something like that. No two one night stands are the same, and they can be a good time, but the most important part of every one night stand is staying safe. 

That being said, here are a few things to keep in mind if ever you find yourself getting involved in a one night stand.

Let your friends know where you are: If you’re out with your pals, they probably won’t appreciate you just wandering off by yourself without telling them. They’ll be worried, or annoyed, or both. But that’s not the only reason you should let your friends know where you are: if they know who you’re with and where you’re headed, they’ll be able to check up on you and come to the rescue if need be. If they know what the person you’re going home with looks like as well, even better! If things go really-tits-up-worse-case-scenario, knowing what the last person to see you with looks like may do wonders. 

Keep some phone battery: Here’s a good idea: when your phone hits 20% battery, stop using it. Put it in airplane mode; put it in your bag or your pocket, whatever. Pray to god you’ve taken enough selfies, sent enough regrettable texts and weird tweets. On a night out where you end up by yourself or with a stranger, a bit of phone battery can do wonders; you can call a taxi, or a friend to help you out and/or come get you. We’re all guilty of it; checking Snapchat and the group chats and updating all your sober friends on your drunken activities is actually really fun, and with a few drinks in your system, self-restraint isn’t exactly the first thing on your mind. But if there’s a chance you could end up by yourself at any point in the night, some juice in your phone will be a huge help.

Be safe!: And I don’t mean in the ways mentioned above; I mean, like, sexually. If there’s any chance of you going home with someone, bring protection! Bring condoms or whatever your preferred method of protection is! Remember: you can still get them for free from clinics so there’s not much reason not to. In any case, why would you not want to? Why take the chance of catching anything or, in the case of the ladies, getting pregnant? Protection takes up very little room and the best way to make sure you have it is to bring it yourself.

Know that you want this: Are you doing this because your friends are insisting you pull? Or because you feel like it’s one of the experiences you have to have? The point is, don’t go ahead with going home with a stranger because you feel like you have to. Sex is only fun when both parties are giving their full consent. Have a real think about what you’re doing and know that you can always say no whenever you feel like you need to. When it comes to your body, you don’t owe anyone anything and really, you’re here to have a good time, so have one.

Have fun!: We can’t tell you the numbers; we don’t know what percent of people in Glasgow, Scotland, or the world have partaken in one night stands, but it’s part of life if you want it to be. If you decide to go home with someone, have fun with it!  Don’t think too much about it and make some crazy, wild and fun memories. Sex is a part of life so enjoy it.

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