November POTM: McCann

It’s no great secret that Scotland’s music scene is a thing to be proud of. So we here at TSA have teamed up with Glasgow’s very own New Hellfire Club to bring you a monthly pick of who we think are doing epically well right now. Keep your eyes out for these up and coming bands. This is TSA and New Hellfire Club’s ‘Pick of the Month’.

McCannNovember’s NHC MUSIC pick of the month is the always popular rock n’ rollers McCann, a Glasgow rock band so good, we’ve even booked them a few times ourselves for both instore gigs, and out of store gigs too.

We have their new EP stocked as well, so if you like what you read, why not pop in and pick it up when you get the chance, or check out their band page on Facebook, just do a wee search for McCann.

So we usually start off a band interview by asking about the band’s name, and why you chose that particular moniker, that seems pretty moot here though, with your singers second name being McCann! I was actually gonna call the record shop ‘Jamie’, but was voted down. Ach, i’ll ask anyway… Why the name?

Andy: Well you would think the obvious reason…massive ego of the singer but no. I am quite a shy and quiet type but we were pondering what to call the band and a magic elf appeared to us in a top hat and stated ‘from henceforth you shall be called McCann go now and rock the world’ and we said ‘ thank you Mr Elf (in a top hat) ‘ and here we are rocking the world.

Stevie: All true. Apart from the elf, the hat and shy and quiet bits. To be fair Andy did ask if anyone wanted another name, and I even think he was serious, but we all do like it, it suits us well and people remember it.

You’ve got a new guitarist on board with you guys now (Bil from one of our past favourites The Coffins), how is that working out for you? Is he slotting in to the set up well?

Andy: Bil is slotting into the band perfectly and it is great to have a new impetus and feel to the band although he does keep wanting to play the songs faster which for old codgers requires us to lie down in a darkened room the next day after a gig. Seriously Bil is an outstanding player and pushing us in a slightly different direction, we don’t know the direction yet but the sound is changing slightly.

Stevie: The mighty Joe Bone said to me after Bil’s first gig that he thinks it’s sounding darker, Andy thinks there’s more tension in the tunes, I think I’m just edging closer to an onstage coronary. It’s all good.

11150748_939965912722249_6052632103513507346_nYou’ve gigged glasgow pretty extensively in the past couple of years, in your opinions how does the music scene, at local level in Glasgow, differ from other cities such as Edinburgh and Aberdeen?

Andy: Well we have the Hellfire Club in Glasgow and there is a great vibe and feeling of camaraderie with other bands in the city. I love Joe Bone and The Dark Vibes, the Sux Pastels, The Media Whores, everywhere and The Blood and the Gold and feel there is a sense of something ‘underground‘ building in Glasgow and Mccann love being part of that.

You guys just dropped a new ep recently called ‘The Wolf’s Hall’ which has been pretty popular, any plans for more releases soon, or are you going to keep with that one for the time being and focus more on playing shows around Scotland?

Andy: Next year we plan to release an album of material and we have 99% of it written but we will gig the songs before recording them to get them shipshape and Bristol fashion and we plan to play as much as humanly possible for us in future.

Stevie: First and foremost we’re a live band, that’s what we all love doing as you can see from the shows. As well as what Bil’s now bringing to them, the songs can and do change when you put them out in front of an audience and get their feedback, so the more we can do that the better before we record the album.

Your last ep’s have been recorded live in the studio, is this an approach you intend on continuing with, and do you feel this is an overall better way for you guys to record music?

Andy: We loved recording live and it gives us that spontaneity to the recording but I want to stick some keyboards on the new songs and ‘produce’ them a bit more so we might continue with this approach but I see us taking a bit of time over the tunes and arranging them but we will still have the same live feel not overproduced. The album will have a few interesting wee things on it to catch the listener’s attention ( I am learning the bavarian harp as we speak).

What’s the most rock n roll thing you’ve done on a gig night? (keep it clean though, we have teenagers reading!)

Andy: I once ate four chocolate hob nobs at a gig.

Stevie: I was there. Any one of them could have gone down the wrong way, it was tense.

Roy: The most rock and roll thing I’ve ever done at a gig was let down all the tyres of a promoter’s car.

Have you got a mental wishlist of other bands you would want to share the stage with? 

Andy: I would love to share the stage with Love and Money at the Barrowlands.

Stevie: The Bandstand at Kelvingrove with The Pixies, but I’m gutted that we can never support The Cramps at Barrowlands ever.

Roy: I’d love to share a stage with The Banana Splits – coolest band ever.

Any big plans for 2016 in the pipeline?

Andy: We plan to play extensively next year, next year is the year of Mccann! We have a new guitarist and a great set with new songs coming up through the pipeline. We plan to release an album and we will be one of the bands to watch for 2016, we think we have the chops and the ability. We plan to build our fantastic fanbase..I just want to be stopped in the street and fawned over as a rock god and next year that will happen! I, on a personal level, plan to stop dropping to my knees during the set as it is killing my knees.

Stevie: I think we might change the name of the band. 

Main image from the New Hellfire Club Facebook Page. 

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