NHC August Pick Of The Month: Beltur

It’s no great secret that Scotland’s music scene is a thing to be proud of. So we here at TSA have teamed up with Scotland’s very own New Hellfire Club to bring you a monthly pick of who we think are doing epically well right now. Keep your eyes out for these up and coming bands.

This is TSA and New Hellfire Club’s ‘Pick of the Month.

Right then, Beltur!

Hello there and cheers for taking part in this month’s POTM. We at NHC have obviously known you guys for a wee while now (feels like forever…) so to start you off easy, we always ask ‘what’s in a name’? (and we like to look all thoughtful as we do it) so tell us, what actually is in the name? Was it just a drunken idea you came up with on the tail end of a mental Saturday night?

A band name is basically what becomes synonymous with the whole image and sound of the music you are trying to portray. We came up with the name ‘belter’ as we are from Glasgow and that word basically means very good! It is used daily by Glaswegians and other folk alike, almost as a punctuation mark to exaggerate any given situation. “That goal wiz a belter”.

The reason for the ‘unique’ spelling of BELTUR is we basically got threatened by a lawsuit from a band in London with the same name (belter) saying they copyrighted the word (still don’t know how you go about doing that) anyway… So we thought let’s annoy them by changing one letter, hence the name BELTUR.

Your band has had a lot of ups, downs, and overall changes recently. Is it generally harder, do you think, to keep a band going these days, especially when adulthood stuffs start to sneak up on you?

Like many a band before us and most likely many a band in future, we have had a lot of line-up changes. Various folk having personal reasons for leaving from health to career decisions, let’s face it there ain’t a lot of money in today’s music game!

We suppose the basic rules apply from the beginning of popular music whether that be in the 1950’s or the modern day. Every member of a band/act must be on the same wavelength and know what direction the band as a whole are aiming for, be that 18 or 80 years old. Personal ego’s MUST be left at home sometimes.


You’ve recently(ish) released a new music video called Sober, how was the filming for that one? It’s an excellent video, seems like it must have taken a while to shoot! Was it as time consuming as it looked?

Our latest video/single Sober was shot three times from start to finish (for editing purposes). It was basically a flat party with lots of alcohol consumption involved, so what you see is what you get in the video. It was hands down the most fun-to-shoot video we have ever done! Big shout out to ‘C H I E F’ for that video.

1551637_747364498686330_907659053545868193_nTell us a bit about your own band’s favourite song, and why it tops your list. Is it the best one to play live, or is it more of a favourite because of the personal message it conveys?

Our favourite song to play live is probably ‘100 years from now’ It has everything in it musically, great chord structure and classic song structure. With a powerful breakdown. The chorus lyrics are quite inspirational also, but take what you will from the song, as long as you enjoy it.

So tell us what’s next for Beltur then, any new releases or videos planned in 2016? We hear you guys have a charity gig coming up in Glasgow at some point in the near future too?

The rest of 2016 will see us release a new EP containing 3 of what we think are our best songs to date. Each one will be accompanied by a video. Gig wise, we have some amazing shows lined-up including a few festival appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe & Scarecrow Festival in West Kilbride.

We also have been given the honour of opening a superb show in Glasgow’s Classic Grand for the ‘Musicians Against Homelessness’ benefit concert put on by A W Music Ventures, to raise awareness of homelessness and everything that entails, and in that we are excited to be playing alongside Medicine Men and the other acts, with Alan McGhee as the charity figure head. So please get involved in that as it is a subject close to our hearts.

BELTUR are now basically Joe Scott and Frank Casey, who write and structure the songs, with other amazing musicians ‘ghosting’ the band for live and recording purposes. When us two set out to be in a band we did it simply for the love of music and to one day play on a stage, many years and emotions later we still have that same simple outlook. People come and go in life, some who we thought would be friends forever.

No single person is bigger or will EVER be bigger than the music, so to any young or older aspiring musician starting a band, this is our advice; do it for the love of music. Nothing else; and more importantly remember why you do it. We are doing all we can to survive in this game and pump out as much new music and songs as we possibly can, but are no novelty act and take the music very serious.

This is not an announcement. It’s a promise. We are Beltur, and we are here to stay.

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