NHC November POTM: The Twistettes

It’s no great secret that Scotland’s music scene is a thing to be proud of. So we here at TSA have teamed up with Scotland’s very own New Hellfire Club to bring you a monthly pick of who we think are doing epically well right now. Keep your eyes out for these up and coming bands. This is TSA and New Hellfire Club’s ‘Pick of the Month’.

c76e035a34718b3c4750c7c14dbf1876Hi there! I have to say it’s great to have one of the best bands in the country, in our humble opinion, on the POTM!

We already know a load about you at NHC music, but please do open us up by telling the readers a bit about yourself, like how long you’ve been together as a band for, and what made you start up the Twistettes in the first place?

We’ve been performing as The Twistettes for around three years now. We’re sisters so started off jamming together at a local youth club where we were lucky enough to have access to instruments. Often we would rush off after school to gigs, getting changed in the toilet out of our school uniforms and smearing badly applied teenage make up on before sound check!

Was quite an experience being involved from such a young age and kept our drinking bucky down the street to a minimum (well kind off). We’ve played with some great people over the years and had loads of fun developing our style. It’s taken a while to work out how we like to play music but what we’re doing now feels good. We’ve been through phases of trying to sound like this or that but we’ve learned that the most important thing is to make music from your soul that you love playing, that’s what The Twistettes is for us.

We were inspired to create the Twistettes after seeing a few Scottish bands perform. I was DJ’ing at the Soundhaus one night and Nicky was along for the party. We saw both Amazing Snakeheads and Girobabies back to back and they really blew our minds. Not so much about the style of music as such but the energy and attitude from both acts felt pretty special. We’d not played in a band for a year or so and had really been sickened by some aspects of the music scene but this seemed exciting.

A few weeks later we were at Audiosoup festival and stumbled across a very early incarnation of Hector Bizerk. It was just Louie rapping and Audrey on the drums, so simple but so good. We left the tent they were playing in saying ‘if they can do it with just 2 people then why can’t we’? That weekend The Twistettes became a thing.

You guys have been racking up some great gigs recently, tell us about your favourite stage to play in Glasgow, in fact, let’s open that up to the rest of Scotland too, best in the country. Why this choice? 

14263978_1061394310644022_6970086136423136601_nIt’s tough because we’ve done loads of gigs that have been amazing for various different reasons. The Barrowlands was next level stuff. Absolutely amazing. Not only for playing in such a cool place but because we were one of a collective of unsigned bands that pulled together and actually sold the place out.

It was so good not only to share that experience with the other acts (Have Mercy Las Vegas, Jamie and Shoony, Girobabies and Colonel Mustard) but also with the amazing crowd who came out to support us all. It just felt good that for all the machinery that surrounds everything in life including music and art, this was something of its own. And the after party was something else! What a night.

We also had a brilliant time at our album launch. Nice n Sleazy is a great venue but it was all about the crowd that night, it was an absolute riot! It was amazing watching people losing their shit to our tunes, complete with crowd surfing, mosh pit and loads of sweaty madness. At one point a guy was actually head-butting the roof while crowd surfing, it was beautiful. We felt really grateful that everyone made it such an electric night.

These were probably the two highest profile gigs we’ve been lucky enough to play but we’ve gigged in so many interesting venues with amazing people, that every gig has been brilliant. Also, a special shout out to all the festivals that booked us over summer, we love playing in a field!

Family projects can go fantastically, or can occasionally implode! So we have to ask, as sisters do you find you argue a lot during the creative process? I think me and my sister would eventually go hoarse screaming at each other if we were together for too long a period!

You know, it’s actually totally fine. We’ve always gotten on really well. Even when we were little, folks said we seemed to have some kind of telepathic ability to communicate.

We definitely do have our moments though. The good thing is we can be having a raging argument then a few minutes later be planning what we’re going to eat for lunch! In truth, we see the band as fun times where we get to hang out so we usually just have a great time.

Some folk moan about the state of the music scene in Scotland these days, but we personally think it is booming, and all you need to do is step out of your comfort zone to find some amazing new sounds. What’s your own take on the local music scene, do you think it needs more life breathed into it, or do you think it’s already full of life, and just waiting to be heard?

No, we feel there’s something really special happening in the Scottish music scene right now. We’ve been lucky enough to be involved with the Yellow Movement and this feels like a family to us.

It’s brilliant to be part of a collective of musicians, artist and music lovers who are about supporting each other and creating something pretty special through this. We’ve always believed that our success is not limited by the success of others around us, in fact, it’s the opposite! Helping each other out makes us all better musically, socially and as people.

There is also a really great group of female musicians gaining momentum as well. This is something we feel strongly about supporting and being involved in. Organizations like Girls Rock School are amazing for encouraging women to pick up instruments and put themselves out there as creative forces.

It’s often tough for girls to take that step but by making it less odd for a girl to be in a band a bunch of great acts have been born and more will follow. The amount of women that are part of the music scene has definitely increased since we started playing and this is a great thing for the music scene in general.

This is just the stuff we’re directly involved in as well, there’s also a growing Scottish hip hop scene, some wonderful trad/folk music being produced, a bunch of brilliant ska/dub/reggae acts and DJ’s as well as a load of banging electronic/dance music. Scotland’s a good place to be just now.

Tell us a bit about other bands you have played with that our readers should be on the lookout for? Who do the Twistettes love to share the stage with whenever you get the chance? If you could choose the perfect line up, with you and 3 other acts, who would you choose?

0005420998_10Oh man, how long have you got! We love our yellow movement gang and nothing makes us happier than sharing a stage with the likes of Jamie and Shoony, Girobabies and Colonel Mustard.

We love the Mickey 9’s and Crash Club who we just saw put on amazing shows at the Mickey 9’s album launch, that was a night and a half! Delighted Peoples from Edinburgh are also a favourite, they played our album launch and smashed it.

Tongue Trap and Fisty Muffs are two all-female acts from Edinburgh that we really enjoy playing with and Joyce Delany are amazing grrrl music from Glasgow (featuring the legend that is Chrissy Barnacle). Bombskare goes without saying! I’m going to have missed loads cause there’s sooo much good stuff happening right now!

Also, I just recorded some vocal parts for the new Jackal Trades album which is sounding great, can’t wait to hear the full thing when it’s released on the 5th November!

I don’t know how to pick 3 but maybe I’ll go for ones we haven’t played with yet so I’d saystart the night off with Thee Rag and Bone Man doing his amazing one man band stuff followed by Fanny Pelmet and the Bastard Suits (very cool female fronted punky type stuff) then finishing up with some hip hop vibes from Stanley Odd.

Can I also add that there would need to be an after party and I’d like Roberta Pia on the decks with some party classics then Junior Lazarou with some skanking ska goodness followed by Matt Lygate rocking the banging techno!

a3572588098_16-1So what’s next for the Twistettes in the coming year? Any big plans like new releases or big events coming up you can share with us?

We’ve got some shows coming up over the next couple of months, these are:

We’re also hoping to release another video from the album Jilt The Jive before the end of this year. Into next year we’re planning a couple of months out to work on some new material.

We’ve already got a bunch of tunes half written so want to spend a bit of time getting some of these up to scratch to go in the set. Maybe even get an EP together in that time.

We’ve also just started organising a UK tour for the first half of next year as well so if there are any venues or bands out there that what to get involved then give us a shout!

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