NHC June/July POTM: Joe Bone and the Dark Vibes

It’s no great secret that Scotland’s music scene is a thing to be proud of. So we here at TSA have teamed up with Scotland’s very own New Hellfire Club to bring you a monthly pick of who we think are doing epically well right now. Keep your eyes out for these up and coming bands. This is TSA and New Hellfire Club’s ‘Pick of the Month’.

Hello Joe Bone and the Dark Vibes! Great to get you guys in for a chat with us again on the TSA POTM, you have so much going on the now that there was no way we could miss you out this Summer! So, tell us a wee bit about how the last few months have been for you guys then, mostly recording for the new album that we are getting more and more eager to hear?

Last few months have been took up by recording the album learning the new songs to be able to play live, new t-shirts ordered and the manufacturing and production of the new album with a very enjoyable gig as special guests to the Trongate Rum Riots on their album launch thrown in the mix.

Does writing and recording take its toll on the nerves of a band with the amount of member’s you guys have? Do you need regular breaks from each other, or are you a well-oiled music making machine now? 

We don’t need breaks from each other because we very rarely see each other. We do not rehearse on a regular basis, we do now and then for new songs or a gig coming up. There is a very friendly atmosphere within the band and we all admire each others talents and contributions to the band. So it’s always a blast to get together and we all look forward to it.

We had gonzo extraordinaire Chris Herron recently get the scoop with a review of the latest release before it hits the shelves, he was mightily impressed. His main chat though was about how different it sounds to anything you have ever done before.

Was this an intentional thing from yourselves as a band, or was it just a happy quirk that the music sounded so different? How happy are you with the finished product now that it is finally with us?

We are extremely happy with the content of the album and doing something different is a natural occurrence for us. We have previously recorded Jazz, Funk, and Heavy Rock tracks among other genres. We don’t go out our way to be different but if we come up with a good tune it’s in, regardless of what people may think regarding it’s genre.

Talk us through the Dark Vibes writing process, how does each song come to you? Is it a music first, lyrics later type of deal, or do you have the lyrics before the music is even thought of? Do all the Vibes take part in the process?

Usual process is I (Joe Bone) come up with a song usually recorded to decent demo standards I then give it to the band and they sprinkle their magic on it doing their own thing sometimes changing some stuff but usually the basic tune remains the same, then it becomes the work of us all. Songs come to me when I feel like writing or get inspired, it comes quite naturally to me and can usually come up with a finished song and half decent demo of it from 1st thought to finish in a couple of hours.

You have an album release coming up very soon too, with another of our favourite acts on the bill (The Trongate Rum Riots). Where the Trongate’s a perfect choice for you as main support? Who else would you personally recommend the readers check out on the local scene?

We always pay the bands we ask to guest with us and there have been a few. The Trongate Rum Riots are one of our favourite bands they are decent people and excellent musicians but to be truly honest they are the only band in my memory that has asked us to play at one of their gigs! So if we were going to do a gig that was special to us it was a no brainer really.

The Trongate Rum riots where top of the list, we’re are just glad they accepted! Jamie Coleman (acoustic) will be opening the night, I admire Jamie and his work. Other bands on the scene? Go check it out for yourselves plenty out there discovering yourselves is much more enjoyable than me trying to direct you down a path I may like.

So, what’s next after the launch for the Dark Vibes then? You got anything coming up you can share with us?  Any thoughts about taking Joe Bone and the Dark Vibes on the road for a tour any time in the near future? I think it’s about time the rest of the UK got the chance to experience your live set for themselves!

Absolutely nothing planned what so ever not even a gig never mind a tour! We will wait on any decent offers that come in (if any) and if not, we’ll just put together a gig ourselves. We seem to build our fan base with every gig we play so we are very contented at the moment as a band about the support and amazing feedback from folk who come to see us.

You can download the new album, Go Goo Goo Shoom, from Joe Bone and the Dark Vibes here. 

Feature Image Credit: Billy Borland

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