An Interview With: Schnarff Schnarff

It’s been 3 years since Schnarff Schnarff’s debut supporting SKATERS at King Tut’s and in a nicely circular move they’ve just launched their debut album at the same iconic venue. We had a quick chat with guitarist Andrew ‘Turtle’ MacLean in the midst of their preparations for the night.

We’re really enjoying the album, can you tell us a bit about it’s background?

It all started when Electric Honey pick up on a video we had put together way back. They got in touch saying that they’d like to take us on and work with us with the hopes of putting out an EP. We were with them for a couple of years and they helped us boost our profile.

We were chuffed because we knew thats where Biffy Clyro first started and Belle and Sebastian. When the two year program with Electric Honey finished we decided to hit the studio on our own recording 5 tracks initially.

That really gave us the drive to do more and the start of this year recorded a further seven This album has been a year in the making and we have put everything into it so I’m glad you are enjoying it!

So it’s produced by Paul Savage, what was it like working with him?

Brilliant! Paul is really easy to work with, really chilled, and makes his studio really creative.  It’s a great atmosphere.  He brought his expertise to our jam spot originally…sitting with us for hours in our lock up while we ran through the songs over and over again.

By the time we got into the studio with him, we had built up a solid relationship that helped us through recording, mixing and everything else that goes into making a record.

Will you be touring the album after? What’s your plans for Autumn? 

Definitely! We are hoping to get dates in the diary throughout the UK in November and December. So probably more a winter tour…


Can you tell us a bit about the sound and themes on the album?

here is a definite progression of our sound from when we first recorded with Electric Honey on our EP. The basic theme is about life and death and atheism as well as a whole host of everything.

To understand all the themes you really need to listen to it from start to finish – there is so much in there!

The name is a lyric from one of our earlier songs, Urrrgh, that features towards the end of the album

I reckon I can hear Bleach in there, bits of early Nirvana and Biffy.

Yeah I’ll take Bleach all day long. Yeah definitely Biffy and Nirvana are big influences, for me anyway playing the guitar. We’ve a broad spectrum across the band with a lot of different bands that we like.

Like Idlewild, Nirvana, Brand New, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden; a lot of the early kinda grungy stuff as well.

It’s been good, we’ve had a lot of feedback with a lot of people saying different things and seeing a lot of different things and different influences in the album, you can hear that it’s got its own vibe to it as well.

Out of the local bands you’ve played with who’s standing out for you?

Two Glasgow bands really, The Van T’s all their tracks are very good and Sweaty Palms. Sweaty Palms are really good, definitely one to check out live.

The Evil That We Do is out now on iTunes and Spotify and SCHNARFFSCHNARFF.BIGCARTEL.COM

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