ICW’s 5th Annual ‘Square Go’ – Is ICW fast becoming the new WWE?

ICW will return to Glasgow’s Famous Barrowlands (or the Barras if you prefer) on January 24 for the Fifth annual ‘Square Go’ show. We will see our people’s champion Grado defend his ICW World Heavyweight championship against Chris Renfrew. Renfrew and Grado have been in the business for years together and this has been a much anticipated meeting for a long time.

We will also get the 30 man square go match where the last man standing in the ring at the end of it will earn their shot for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, so no matter the winner of the Grado and Renfrew clash, they better watch their backs! This match will have a line up of Joe Coffey, Former WWE superstar and ICW Champion Drew Galloway, Former champ Jack Jester, Lewis Girvan and Dave Mastiff.

There is also a qualifying match for the 30 man square go match between the high flyer Kenny Williams and Lionheart, the winner will be allowed to enter the match whilst the loser is completely banned from competing. ICW in the past five years has soared in popularity since its BBC documentary ‘Insane Fight club’. For the first time we saw behind the scenes in the Scottish Indy wrestling scene. ICW has been an idea that has simply flourished from Mark Dallas its creator.

Now it’s Scotland’s most beloved wrestling company. Right now the biggest wrestling company in the world WWE has been going through a massive slump with shows in December being recorded as their lowest ever viewership in twenty years. WWE is going through a crisis according to WWE hall of famer Mick Foley. He recently posted on Facebook saying he feels like he will stop tuning in every week. Foley who is an ICW fan has also commented on the contrast in atmospheres between both sets of fans.

poster-24-01-2016posterHe said that when people leave a WWE show there is no cheering, singing or signs that the fans enjoyed the show they were presented with. But when the ICW fans leave they are ecstatic and buzzing. ICW Fear and Loathing sold out four weeks in advance for their November show and Foley posted saying that he is proud to be a part of ICW and this is the results you get when you give fans what they want.

This seemed like it could have been a sly dig at WWE or simply praising ICW for its success either way it has gotten both sets of wrestling fans attention and it’s no secret that Foley isn’t happy with the way things are in the WWE right now. WWE’s popularity always picks up around the Road to Wrestlemania time of year.

Wrestlemania is the biggest wrestling Pay Per View in wrestling history, it’s even an event that non wrestling fans tune in to due to its momentous occasion. But even more importantly it’s an event where fans past and present tune in. If you’re wanting to be a professional wrestler then Wrestlemania is the ultimate dream. It’s as far as you can get in the industry.

Upcoming events: ICW 5th Annual Square Go, The Barrowlands (24th Jan). ICW Friday Night Fight Club TV Taping, The Garage (31st Jan).

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