Impressing Employers After Graduation

After graduation, you might find yourself in a state of limbo. You’re finally done with education and your about to start a career for the long haul but there are only so many jobs related to your expertise out there. To stand out and snatch the opportunity in front of you then try enhancing your CV with some of these ideas: 

Apply for internships/jobs with a strong cover letter
Apply for internships/jobs with a strong cover letter


Prepare yourself for a highly productive summer. Applying for an internship in an employment sector related to your university degree will be most beneficial. Many different firms, companies and businesses offer the opportunity to work during the summer. Although it usually isn’t the best paid, it will serve as a gateway to opportunity.

Many employers will take internships into consideration when analysing your application. It will also give you the chance to be able to angle your internship into a full-time job with that specific company.


To be able to engulf yourself with charity work demonstrates compassion within an individual. It will also impress whoever is interviewing you for whatever job. Travelling the world to help those less fortunate is a tremendous experience.

It will make those around you and yourself feel exceptionally positive. Moreover there is always the opportunity to volunteer around your home if you are wary of travelling far away. Helping the homeless and others who suffer from social and economic inequalities is still a form of volunteering that comes with benefit. Or even helping around a hospital, either way volunteers are needed in most places.

teach-english-abroad-passport-canadaTRAVEL OVERSEAS

Interrailing across Europe, skiing at the Alps or even backpacking across the Himalayas. No matter how you choose to spend your summer travelling it will show you are rich in culture if you let an employer know. Employers will appreciate well-travelled young men and women. It shows that you are curious, adventurous and have a thirst for knowledge. This is likely to impress employers across the industry.

PART TIME JOBtumblr_nny3cxlzi41qj4315o1_500

It serves as your safety net and provides you with stable income while you scour the internet for jobs that you actually want to do. Whether it is bar work or serving as a waiter, a part-time job shows you actually have been employed. It proves you can show up on time, that you work hard and that you will be an asset to whatever company is looking to hire you.

Plus if you end up hating the job you spend 4 or 5 years preparing for you could always go back to the part-time job that kept you going. You could also combine this point with travelling overseas, you’ll get to experience the local culture by working in the one location and earn money to fund further travels.

There are plenty of opportunities for young travellers looking to earn some extra money but if you’re looking to go to a specific place for an extended amount of time one of the best options is to teach English as a foreign language, this lets you add valuable experience to your CV and properly experience a totally different culture.

teflSome people even discover a passion for teaching they never knew they had and choose to later pursue it as a career back home. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in a TEFL certification is a must and TEFL Org UK, who have more accreditation that any other provider, are offering an exclusive 30% off for TSA readers. They also keep you informed with job opportunities in more than 50 countries so you can find a job that suits you and your travel plans.



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