The Hidden Door Festival Is Back With Electric City Theme

Long Room Gig Photo Credit Chris ScottThis summer, Hidden Door will for the last time transform the disused street lighting depot behind King’s Stable Road in Edinburgh into the place to be to see Scotland’s up and coming creative talent. The event will feature live music, theatre, bars, a cinema and a plethora of art exhibitions and installation spaces; all brought to you from a team of volunteers and some of the best emerging creators in the country.

Hidden Door is an entirely not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers, and it makes it its mission to turn unused spaces in Edinburgh into a platform for young artists and creators to express themselves. This year’s event, ‘Hidden Door Electric City’ will feature some 50 artists, 35 bands, 15 theatre companies, 20 poets and 12 film organisations, and will take place from 27th May through to 4th June.

Last year’s event attracted over 10,000 visitors, and just as many are expected this year. “Part of the idea of Hidden Door is to make connections between the creative communities of Edinburgh, and those of other cities and places too, so we are pleased to bring people from all over the country to the festival,” said Creative Director David Martin.  He added: “We will make it a fantastic and significant cultural event, full of life, energy and creativity.”

As far as music goes, this year’s event will feature the likes of Teleman, Meilyr Jones, NZCA Lines and Rival Consoles; all of whom are in the early stages of promising and significant careers in the industry, already winning accolades and critical praise for their new, fresh music.

Hidden Door has also invited a number of artists to participate in its Visual Arts Programme at the event. These include recent graduates from art colleges in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, most notably Heather Lander from the Glasgow School of Art who looks set to impress with her light projections and sculptures.

Hidden Door promises to facilitate these artists with the resources to create something significant and large scale in the dark, derelict setting of the event.


One of the main features of the Theatre Programme will be the Magnetic North theatre company’s version of Walden, staged previously in the Stills Gallery in 2009 – a production which is still being talked about to this day. The 2016 edition will take place in the ‘Peely Room’, which is an old vehicle repair workshop turned theatre for the purposes of the event. 

Hidden Door is also delighted to be working with poets such as MacGillivray, Jamie Gordon, Nick-e Melville and Ron Butlin as part of a newly included Poetry and Spoken Worrd Programme.

Additionally, there will be no less than four bars, serving an array of craft beers, cider and speciality gins, all from local producers. There will also be a selection of food stalls on site throughout the festival.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the festival, though, is the way it’s set up: with a team of 100 volunteers transforming an unused, derelict space into an arts showcase for the ages.

The festival opens at 6pm on Friday, 27 May and then every day until June 4th at noon. Entry is free until 6pm, with tickets available for later entry from

Photo credit: Chris Scott

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