Healthy Hangouts In Glasgow And Edinburgh

Finding it hard trying to stick to that summer diet especially when it comes to going out? Then here are some of the top places for healthy food in Glasgow and Edinburgh that allow you to enjoy the indulgence of eating out while still being good and sticking to your dietary rules.


marthas1. MARTHA’S

Nestled cosily on St Vincent Street, Martha’s delivers hearty, healthy food to you fast. Here nothing is processed, everything is homemade and the only thing that makes this place a fast food joint is the fact that you don’t have to wait forever to get fed.

If you’re fed up with soggy sandwiches or Big Mac Meals this is the perfect place to pop out to during your lunch break or even for a night out for a meal. Why not try to get a table on a weekday lunch time and see why so many Glaswegians are choosing this place over your standard chippy.


Is that caffeine addiction leaving you jangling and your body is crying out for a detox? Then you might want to re-think that mid-morning coffee and grab a juice instead. With outlets on Byres Road and Renfield Street, Juice Garden offers an alternative to your typical fast food outlets in the city.

So the next time the dreaded 4pm afternoon slump kicks in, reach for one of their cold-pressed juices or healthy shakes. Your body will certainly thank you for it.



A fish and chip shop would not often be considered a good place to go to while on a diet however Giffnock’s latest culinary offering is breaking all the rules by adding a list of healthier options as well as all the usual suspects. This place is not your typical chippy. This nautical-themed little restaurant offers sweet potato chips as a healthier alternative, and you can have your halibut grilled or served with balsamic salad instead. Also why not try something different and go for the lobster?


There are many health benefits to eating Japanese food. With a diet mainly consisting of rice, vitamin-packed seaweed and oily fish, you can understand why sushi is one of the healthiest dinners around.

Nanakusa, which was a winner at the Scottish Restaurant Awards, offers lots of delicious Japanese dishes that won’t cause you to burst your skinny jeans. So why not nibble on some edamame or feast on some sashimi in the knowledge that your indulgences won’t make you pile on the pounds.

13th note5. THE 13TH NOTE

If eating too many greasy burgers and racks of ribs has left you too scared to step on to the scales then why not try vegan/veggie cafe The 13th Note. From homemade houmous to grilled tandoori halloumi, there’s something for everyone even the biggest of meat eaters.

And the fact that the majority of the menu is guaranteed to be good for you makes this cool, bohemian little venue the perfect place to eat. This place also offers an amazing selection of vegan beers and wine which means your can have a cheeky drink with dinner guilt free.


MacNeill_140403-19SteamGrey-682x1024_302x4501. UNION OF GENIUS

If you love your soup this is definitely the place to go. The folks at Union of Genius have a tasty adventurous menu that changes daily depending on what ingredients are in season. With a delicious constantly changing menu with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options, alongside freshly baked bread you couldn’t ask for a tastier healthier lunch. If you can’t decide what to have why not order a “soup flight” – which allows you try three of their delicious soup flavours.


Scotland’s first vegetarian restaurant, Henderson’s is a well-established name on Edinburgh’s veggie scene. They serve tasty vegetarian dishes, offering a range of different options and catering for any allergies or intolerances you may have, including vegan and gluten-free. Why not head upstairs to the deli to grab a quick bite for lunch or if you really want to treat yourself, why not nip next door to their vegan restaurant which has a delicious menu full of amazing meat and dairy free dishes.

hula juice3. HULA JUICE BAR

With a colourful eatery to match their colourful smoothies, Hula Juice Bar is a healthy place to get some breakfast, lunch or just a smoothie if you need a quick pick me up through the day. Their filling and nutritious breakfasts, including bagels, porridge and fruit salads, are known well in the city as one of the best ways to start the day. You can also admire the locally sourced art work on the walls whilst you sip and eat away.


Looking for a healthy fast food place? Then why not head over to Flip!Their Flamin’ wrap is hard to beat as you can choose from a range of different fillings such as steak or chicken with raita, peppers, lettuce, jalapeño and chilli. They also serve a respectable number of gluten and dairy free options, and after a healthy meal why not round it off with a naughty treat, the ice cream sundaes are beautiful.

social bite5. SOCIAL BITE

The Social Bite is a great place where you can enjoy great food and all for a good cause. There is a range of hot food on the menu, from pies with mash and gravy to soups and noodles. Why not try their sweet baked potato for an instant fill on a cold day.

Also customers at Social Bite can also save up loyalty points to buy a homeless person a free meal and hot drink after ten visits to their cafe. Knowing that you are helping a larger cause is bound to make your wholesome lunch even tastier!

So there you have it ten amazing places for healthy food in Glasgow and Edinburgh where you can eat great food without worrying about putting on any extra pounds this summer. Happy Eating!

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