Happy Beer Day!

June is a crucial month annually as it signals the beginning of a typical short Scottish Summer. We are due a few weeks of sun before the weather descends into a grim abyss for the latter half of the year. The beginning of summer isn’t the only important event occurring as this June will mark the historical EU Referendum. Voters across the U.K will decide the fate of our place within the European Union.

Happy #During the summer there is always a rise in popularity for beer gardens across major cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh. Beer gardens are typically full of a multitude of personalities all gathered for the sole purpose of enjoying a beverage in the sun. This is celebrated on June the 15th annually throughout the United Kingdom, otherwise known as ‘Beer Day Britain’. As beer is recognised as the U.K’s National drink it only makes sense for us to give it its own day.

This is celebrated across the nation by visiting local pubs and bars and spending your well-earned government-funded student loan on alcohol. Unless you have a job, which in that case, be less reckless with your money.

beer dayHowever there is nothing quite like indulging a beer in a ray of sunshine, sitting on a bench at the back of a pub, in the magnificent beer garden. They are only useful in the summer and are reserved as glorified smoking areas throughout the rest of the year.

So perhaps on June 15th this year, you might consider taking time out of your schedule to participate in Beer Day. It’s a Wednesday so it’s understandable if you don’t want to attend work or university with a horrific hangover the following day.

No-one enjoys the tears of a hangover. That’s why you should consider requesting the very next day off in advance to celebrate. Any excuse to celebrate brings joy to most people’s lives – joy in the form of well brewed ale.

The main purpose of Beer Day Britain is to encourage people to drink, make people proud of their pubs and to essentially just have an overall good time. Annually at 7pm it is recognised as the appropriate time to celebrate Beer Day across the United Kingdom.

It isn’t the most widely known National Day in our history however it holds historical meaning. The reason Beer Day Britain is on the 15th of June annually is because it is the same date that Magna Carta was sealed in 1215. This was to make peace between the unpopular King John of England and a group of rebellious and idealistic Barons.

Now that the history lesson is over, perhaps you will consider participating in the event when the day comes. If you do well there’s only one thing to say, enjoy.

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