Gig Review – Steve Grozier, King Tuts

King Tut’s on a Monday night has a very intimate charm to it, which suited the nights first band Quick so well.

The folksy three piece band lit up the night – their set last night was their last gig of the year, and they let us know how excited they were for their EP release in February. With only three voices and two guitars, the lack of numbers does not affect the strong and full sound Quick has.

Painted Waves followed, and this band grew on me as their set went on – to be honest, their first few songs didn’t leave me feeling especially moved, but by their last songs I was actually really for them! They were funny and had a great on-stage presence together, combine that with some brilliant vocals and guitar playing and you’ve got a great wee gig.

Check out our interview with Steve Grozier here.

Then Steve Grozier and co were up – the great thing about Steve’s music is that you can imagine yourself listening to it while you’re driving in your car on a sunny day. He introduced himself and his band, saying, “Time for some sad songs,” but really they were all upbeat! Country music might not be your cup of tea, but how can you resist these light and lovely tunes that lift your spirits?

Steve released his EP back in September, Take My Leave. He performed the likes of Ringing of the Bells last night, as well as his EP’s titular song, Take My Leave. He told audience members he’d be around to talk about cats after the gig as well (check Steve’s Instagram for awesome pictures of his cat, Mr Socks!!).

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