Gig Review: James at The SSE Hydro

It was somewhat surprising to see a family of three sat in the row in front. Only because the six year old child was wearing a James shirt and singing along to the majority of songs, leading to the presumption that he had dragged his parents along, rather than the other way around. 

An example of how James differentiate themselves from other popular 90s bands, they garner an audience falling out with the typical 35 to 45 age bracket. Probably because of their consistency in delivering generally decent albums, without alienating their loyal fanbase. 

That loyalty certainly was present tonight. Perhaps due to their rather disappointing previous performance at The Hydro in 2014, James seemed to make up for it. For an acoustic version of Sit Down, Tim Booth appeared in the balcony to very receptive fans. Earlier on in the set, he visited the barrier splitting the band from the crowd where a woman attempted to get a kiss on the cheek, sadly to no avail. 

Tracks from the new album The Girl at The End of the World were bound to get an airing but during their two hour set James treated the audience with a set list incorporating old and new material. Considering half the punters on the seating section were standing for the encore, it probably went down well. No one wants to pay upwards of 35 quid for a ticket and get the dog looked after for deconstructed rendition of a late 90s B-side.  


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