Gig Review: Deaf Havana at the O2 ABC

Upon entering Glasgow’s music treasure cove that is 02 ABC, I’m met with the sight of two women in their twenties, screaming excitedly into each other’s faces with the prospect of seeing their beloved alt-rock boys return to the stage for their first album tour in four years.

Deaf Havana Gig ReviewThe main hall is filled to the brim with nostalgic fans wearing their 2011 Fools and Worthless Liars band t-shirts, and some new ones, hoping for a night of good music. The concert isn’t sold out, but it feels as if it’s hit capacity, then added a few extra eager fans that have now found themselves pressed against the back wall of the room.

Suddenly the background rock music goes silent and the room is filled with the same darkness that fills the cinema room before a movie starts. The crowd begins to cheer, clap and shout with excitement, as luminous green spotlights and smoke filter out from the stage.

One by one, the members of the band walk on stage and pick up their instruments before pausing, and looking out onto the sea of fans cheering with anticipation.

They kick off the gig with an accelerating explosion of guitar riffs and drum beats and the crowd erupts into what can only be described as a field of bouncing heads.

They play the majority of their new album, All These Countless Nights, along with a few gems from their Fools and Worthless Liars album, raising a surge of nostalgia fuelled screaming and dancing from some of the older fans in the back.

The music is repeatedly interrupted with lead singer James Veck-Gilodi professing his love for the fans; giving an emotionally humble thanks to those who had stood by the band over the years.

Along with declaring his love for the crowd, James confesses his secret love for Buckfast, asking why so many Scottish people drink it when ‘it’s made in England’ and receiving quite a few well-deserved ‘boos!’ from the crowd. However, his unpopularity with the crowd lasts only seconds after he exclaims how much he loves playing in Glasgow and breaks into song again.

Upon leaving the Deaf Havana gig, a swarm of sweat covered fans walk past me with elated smiles on their faces and a bunch of Deaf Havana merch bundled in their arms – the band did not disappointed.

I went to the gig sceptical about the bands return after such a long time out of the public eye, but after hearing songs like Leeches, Little White Lies, and Trigger, sang with so much sentiment along with the bands heartfelt gratitude to their fans, I left as a self-professed die-hard fan.

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