Find Your Rhythm Album Launch (Cabaret Voltaire)

Glasgow has long been considered Scotland’s hot bed for cutting edge electronic music. Whether it’s through the labels which release it, the producers who make it or the clubs which celebrate it, the city is an institution when it comes to the nation’s rave culture. But it’s not the only city in Scotland to embrace the definitive clubbing experience.

On any given weekend, you’ll find that Edinburgh plays host to some cracking nights. Granted, part of the appeal of venturing into Scotland’s capital for some dancefloor boogying is the scenery, which makes stoating around out your dish at 5.00 AM looking for a kebab shop or an after party a beautiful experience.

However, it’s also a haven for some clubs which give the Subby, SWG3 and the Arches in its prime a run for their money. Enter Cabaret Voltaire; one of the best venues for nightlife in the country.

Following on from their massive launch party last month, The Borough Collective continued what is to be a monthly series of events in banging style, with the launch party for Craig Smith and the Revenge’s new album Find Your Rhythm.

Denizens of the Scottish club scene, the duos unique sound has won them favour among house aficionados, implementing elements of old school funk, disco, hip hop and soul into their sonic palette. House is a genre rooted in Chicago and Detroit’s rich musical heritage, and while these myriad of genre influences have been present in the music since its inception, this pair of dons have been imperative in imbuing the spirit of those native cities on these gloomy shores.

The night itself was what you’d expect from masters of their craft – an eclectic range of dancefloor destroyers with a classy touch, made all the better with the friendly folk you get to know throughout the course of the night. Sometimes all it takes is a belter of a night out to put those past woes to bed, and being at a rave immersed in music with like-minded people is as pure a clubbing experience as one can have.

As previously mentioned, Cabaret is a perfect club for this type of simple entertainment, and with drink prices which don’t rip the arse out of your wallet, you can’t beat it really.

If you get a chance to pop along to a Borough party, I highly recommend. After a brief hiatus from clubbing, this was a reminder of why I fell in love with the experience and the music in the first place.

So, go ahead and bolt over to the website, find the next date, and get it slotted into your diary. Maybe I’ll even see you there.

Rating – 5/5

Featured image credit: Mariusz Bogacki

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