Festive Art Market Returns To Royal Exchange Square

Art On Scotland is an exciting new arts venture happening right in the heart of Glasgow. They set out to provide artists, designers, musicians and crafters with a fun central venue where they can exhibit their own work and sell directly to the public. Their events showcase the work of a diverse group of artists resident in Scotland.

Artists, both professional and amateur, have been invited to submit applications for their latest event Art On the Exchange. A spokesperson for Art on Scotland explained to TSA that the aim behind these artist-run events is: “To give both the exhibitors, and the community, the opportunity to meet, trade ideas, make collaborations, perform, and appreciate the rich vein of creativity alive and well in Glasgow.”

She added that the organisers felt Glasgow’s local talent wasn’t being represented in the city centre: “As artists and designers ourselves we wanted to connect with the public, and sell directly. GOMA is the ideal setting for raising the profile of the visual arts in Glasgow and marketing the events to visitors and tourists host a regular event alike.”

Starting on 14 November, artist’s stalls will line the right flank of GoMA, Royal Exchange Square – creating the perfect site to display a wealth of original artwork in natural daylight. Textile artist and ceramicist, Victoria Pollard, will be trading at Art on the Exchange under ‘Blueberryblossom’.

She said of the event: “Being able to sell my products at events like Art On The Exchange, slap bang in the middle of Glasgow City Centre, is a real joy which also allows me to continue designing, making and loving my career.” She added: “Most artisan fairs are destination events, tucked away in a bar or other private space, whereas Art On The Exchange really does have incredible reach as it is totally accessible to anyone walking by.

“There is no thought required by the public to physically attend the event: if they are in the square they are able to access it – that is a rare opportunity for an artist like me, especially when also factoring in that every penny spent on attending events needs to be viewed as a successful spend of my marketing budget.”

Royal Exchange Square is the ideal setting for raising the profile of the visual arts in Glasgow and marketing the events to visitors and tourists alike. There will be lots of products on sale, from drawings, paintings, traditional craft form, ceramics, glass, candles and fudge to contemporary jewellery and fine art.

Art On The Exhange will also give members of the public the chance to meet the artists in person, talk about their inspiration and support local artists by purchasing art directly from them. The DJ’s and live music will also create a buzzing atmosphere in the Royal Exchange Square.

Dates for Art On The Exchange: November – weekends 14th and 15th, 21st and 22nd, 28th and 29th. December  – weekends 5th and 6th, 12th and 13th, then 19th until 23rd every day. From 11am until 6pm.

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