Europe’s Biggest Vegan Festival Returns To Glasgow

Scotland is about to welcome back Europe’s biggest vegan festival to the SECC on December 3rd and 4th so we thought we’d have a wee look forward to see what we can expect.

With world vegan month running throughout November and veganism having reached what seems like a critical mass in mainstream thinking, the timing of this year’s event couldn’t be better for vegans and those just curious alike.

SCOT2016-programme-P1The number of reasons for living a vegan lifestyle is probably as long as the number of vegans but at it’s heart it’s all about compassion and justice and that’s the message Vegfest wants to reinforce.

According to the event’s organisers Vegfest Scotland is all about going vegan. It’s not about eating less meat, or choosing eggs over fish, or anything like that.

It’s about going vegan, pure and simple. It’s a single issue campaign. Go Vegan. For the planet, for the animals, for your health, and for sustainable global food production. And it’s so easy.

Vegfest Scotland will demonstrate just how easy it is to go vegan and stay vegan. Every other week it seems like a major food manufacturer launches their own vegan line of products and some specialist vegan brands are starting to make their mark as major players.

It’s important to keep in mind that just because a product is vegan doesn’t necessarily make it natural or healthy but having the big food manufacturers take notice can only help increase awareness.

Where the credit really has to go to though is to the smaller more innovative producers, hello Bute Island Cheese and Sgaia,  that have for all the right reasons been producing easy plant based alternatives to traditionally animal sourced products.

636133151717283869-223088006_vegan-1343429_960_720The festival will give us all the chance to meet with these companies, try some new foods, listen to talks, discuss ethics and how they can help make us and the planet a healthier more compassionate place to live.

Personally I’m looking forward to the cookery demonstrations, it’s always good to have another couple of good recipes up the sleeve.

Oh and one last thing! If you’ve a copy of October’s TSA still kicking about make sure you tear out the voucher for a free slice of pizza at the Bute Island stall.

Vegfest Scotland takes place at the SECC on 3rd and 4th December – Advance tickets are priced at £6 for one day and £9 for the whole weekend, plus small booking and transaction fees.

Get your tickets here.

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