Comedy duo Flo & Joan bring ‘The Kindness of Stranglers’ to The Fringe

Described as the ‘sleeper hit’ of 2016’s Edinburgh Fringe, musical comedy sisters Nicola and Rosie Dempsey, more commonly known as Flo & Joan (The 2016 Song) present a brand-new hour of dark, witty songs.

If you’re looking for a good bunch of laughs, then look no further, as the absolute must see double act return to the Fringe with The Kidness of Stranglers. 10 minutes longer than last year’s acclaimed show, you can expect to hear witty songs about sausages and Christmas, with a keyboard and a couple of recorders thrown in for good measure. 

‘If Flanders & Swann and Flight of the Conchords and Garfunkel & Oates had a six-way time-travelling gang-bang that somehow mixed all their DNA, the offspring might end up sounding something like Flo and Joan’ (



So firstly, we’d like to learn a little bit more about both of you. You’re sisters originally from the UK, but are now based in Toronto – how did you come up with the concept for Flo & Joan?

We love musical comedy so wanted to see if we could do it. We never tried in the UK, but when we first moved to Toronto we didn’t know anyone, so our first show didn’t have too much pressure to it – if we weren’t very good, no-one in Canada knew who we were to care, and nobody in the UK would find out about it! It wasn’t a total disaster, so we kept going! 

Your debut show ‘Victory Flaps’ received a ton of positive feedback at last year’s Fringe, and for those who missed it, has consistently been mentioned as one of the shows people regretted not seeing. With such positive reviews to return to, what have Flo & Joan got planned for this year’s festival? 

Oh more of the same, just 10 minutes longer this time! Some songs about sausages and Christmas, maybe a couple of recorders…who’s to say!

Can you describe ‘The Kindness of Stranglers’ in one sentence? 

An hour of light and dark, weird and wonderful comedy muzak. 

Will your viral hit ‘The 2016 Song’ be making any kind of appearance this year? Or can we expect an updated 2017 version? 

The cool thing about ‘The 2016 Song’ was that once 2016 was over, the song ended with it! We also did a little 2017 Song at the beginning of the year, so we’ve exhausted it we think! Ask us again in 2018. 

You have been described as last year’s ‘sleeper hit’, is there anyone in particular you’d recommend we go see this year? (so we don’t end up having the same regrets again next year) 

Our good Toronto friends Death Ray Cabaret are taking their debut show to fringe this year for a limited run, so definitely get in and see that!

We also fell in love with Tom Walker last year, so we’re very excited he is coming back again.

Toronto-based musical comedy duo Flo & Joan are back with The Kindness of Stranglers at Just The Tonic at The Tron: Venue 51 (3-13, 15-26 August)

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