INTERVIEW: Clean Cut Kid Come To Glasgow Freshers

Liverpool’s thrilling fuzz-pop quartet Clean Cut Kid are one of the most exciting breakthrough bands in the UK. Their inventive take on anthemic guitar-pop is  the product of intense writing and rehearsal sessions at the band’s practice space in Liverpool. 

The group formed after singers Mike and Evelyn were set up on a blind date by a friend – with him writing a song for her on their second date in 2012. The pair soon started writing together and recruited bassist Saul and drummer Ross, then shortly after signed with Polydor. Having recently releasesd their debut album Felt to an incredible response, the record tells the story of the couple meeting and falling in love. 

Clean Cut Kid are playing at GUU on 11 September as part of Glasgow Universities Freshers Week, and at Tenement Trail Festival in Glasgow on 30 September.

We caught up with the quartet before they ascend on the city later this month for a brief chat about the bands history and the love story and heartbreak behind their debut album. 


We all appreciate a good love story, and we recently read about how singers Mike and Evelyn met, which is also the basis of how the band came to be. Can you tell us more about how everyone came together?

We were working on some music and were talking about a guy that I had met years before (Saul), saying that if he was still around he would be perfect for the band. That night we bumped into him busking on the street in Liverpool unbelievably, so hired him there and then! 


Mike, the song you wrote for Evelyn on your second date – does this song appear on the album in any way? 

Indeed it does – Track 10!



Can you tell us the story behind the name, Clean Cut Kid?

Although the songs are wrapped up in fuzzy modern sounds, the inspiration for the songwriting has always come from the classic writers – Beatles, Paul Simon, and Dylan which is where the name came from. Just had a nice vibe to it and felt like it fitted us well. 


Let’s talk about the debut album, Felt. It has garnered such an incredible response – did you ever expect for it to be so well received? 

It’s been a great response, and its been boss for us to hear people singing album tracks that we’ve played for ages but that people didn’t know. Nice to have everyone with us for the whole set now! 


When listening to the album in it’s entirety, the love story behind it is evident. Can you tell us about the writing process (story) for the album and how long it took for it to come together? 

Its been a long time in the making, and we felt (wayooo) that the concept in the end was really tight. The whole idea of the arc of a breakup of one relationship, moving into the next relationship was a tricky one to get right, but we’re definitely happy with the final result. 


How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened to it?

Pop hooks, with fuzzy, dirty sonics. 


You’re playing in Glasgow a couple of times next month – for Glasgow Freshers’ and then again at the end of the month for Tenement Trail. Are you looking forward to the shows and can we expect to see you tearing up Glasgow after? 

We always love a gig up for the Scottish lot. Great crowds, great vibe.

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