INTERVIEW: Californian Pop-Rockers R5 descend on Glasgow

Californian Pop-Rockers R5 descend on Glasgow

Supporting the release of their new EP, New Addictions, pop-rock group R5 have announced the UK leg of their New Addictions world tour which kicked off today in Belfast. 

The European leg, featuring special guest Ryland, will take the band to 27 cities in 15 countries with their final show happening in Warsaw, Poland, on October 22. This marks the band’s third European tour since the release of their debut album in 2013.

R5 are earning kudos for their recently released EP, New Addictions (Hollywood Records), which Rolling Stone just praised for being “full of sharply constructed pop confections that ride galloping basslines.” 

New Addictions, which hit #3 on the iTunes Pop Chart and #10 on the overall chart, marks a bold new era for the L.A. based band with R5 taking a greater writing and production role than ever before. The EP finds the musicians refining their song-craft building on powerful grooves and sharply crafted hooks and channels the infectious energy R5 have recently shown playing festivals alongside artists like The Chainsmokers, Panic! At The Disco, Charlie Puth and Weezer. You can catch the Californian group at the 02 ABC on 16th September – and probably party on up with the band after!


How are you feeling about the European leg of the tour later this month? 

Very much looking forward to it. We’re playing some new cities and coming back to a lot of the places we’ve been before. It’s going to be a really great tour.


You will be joined by Ryland for the European leg? 

Yes Ryland is actually the youngest Lynch. And not only does he DJ and put on an awesome show, he is our lighting director.


You guys are hitting the ABC in Glasgow on 16th September, have you played here before? 

We have, yes! The venue turns into a night club after our show and every time after we play we shower real quick and freshen up a bit and then we party it up in the club. We’ve played that venue twice now and it’s always an epic night.


Your latest EP, New Addictions is receiving a tonne of praise at the moment. It’s also pretty different from some of your previous work. What inspired the new direction? 

I think it was mainly inspired by us doing most of it completely on our own. Everything from writing to producing, to recording, we did it all ourselves with the exception of ‘Need You Tonight’.


You probably get asked this a lot in interviews, but what’s the family dynamic like in the group? Especially when you guys are touring and spending so much time together? 

It’s really fun. We genuinely love hanging out with each other and we have a great time. Especially touring. Every once in a while we’ll need some space from each other but it’s not that often.


We’ve read that you’re still spending a lot of time in the studio – are you working on more new material already? If so, what can we expect? 

Yes we have a new single coming out early September, just in time for the Europe tour, and after that will either be a full album, or another EP of all new songs.

Catch R5 at the 02 ABC on September 16.

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