8 Places To Celebrate National Pizza Day in Glasgow & Edinburgh 🍕

Forget about Valentine’s Day, the only occasion that really matters in February is National Pizza Day, which is celebrated annually on 9 February.

Whether you’re happy with a good old Margherita, enjoy trying the fanciest item on the menu or a loud and proud Hawaiian lover (there’s no shame, don’t listen to anyone), we’ve rounded up some of the best pizzerias in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

If your favourite pizza place isn’t on our list let us know, it’s rude to keep good pizza to yourself.


La Favorita 

It’s now called Boom in Glasgow but in Edinburgh, La Favorita remains in its original form and is still one of the most popular pizzerias in the capital.

The use Italy’s “most mouthwatering” pizza toppings and pizza dough that’s prepared fresh in store every day, before being left for 72 hours to naturally mature – that’s some serious pizza commitment.

Their custom log-fired oven also gives all the choices a distinguishable smoky flavour and we love the commitment to freshness in the delivery service – our shock at a plain-looking pizza turned to delight on our first delivery when we discovered the toppings sealed in their own bags so we could add them ourselves, keeping everything very tasty.

Location: 321 Leith Walk, EH6 8SA / 350 Morningside Road, EH10 4QL / 7 Brighton Place, EH15 1LH / 26-28 Hillhouse Road, EH4 2AG


It’s cosy, has large (but not overwhelming) selection of fire cooked pizzas and is a must-visit in Edinburgh for anyone serious about their pizza.

We’re not quite sure what it is about the dough, but it gets everyone talking. Check out some of their reviews and you’ll see what we mean. Whatever it is, long may it continue!

Location236 Leith WalkEdinburgh EH6 5EL


Beer + Pizza = a match made in heaven, surely everyone’s aware of this by now?

If you’re yet to put the two together, get yourself over to Brewdog tonight for one of their amazingly named pizzas, White Trash is a favourite. Brewdog are also launching two new beers at 6pm tonight, so if that’s not an excuse to pop by we don’t know what is.

143 Cowgate, EH1 1JS


You’ll be truly spoiled for choice at Mamma’s because they have over 40 toppings to choose from at this award-winning restaurant. Situated in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, Mamma’s opened way back in 1985 and was the first pizza delivery place in Scotland, what a claim to fame.

It’s a very chilled, friendly restaurant and for any romantics out there, Mamma’s are also making heart-shaped pizzas this month for Valentines Day.

Location: 28-30 Old Town, The Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Did You Know?

🍕 The word ‘pizza’ was originally spelt ‘Pitsa’.

🍕 In 2013, it was estimated that Americans eat 350 slices of pizza each second.

🍕 In 2013, a group of NASA-funded scientists invented a 3D printer that could cook pizza in just 70 seconds, literally spraying on flavor, smell, and micronutrients.

🍕 Dough-spinning has its own professional-level sporting event where pizza teams compete in acrobatic dough-spinning competitions at the World Pizza   Championships.

🍕 Throughout the world, 5 billion pizzas are sold every year and Saturday night is considered to be the most popular night for eating pizza.




After topping the TripAdvisor UK rankings for ‘best-rated pizza restaurants in the UK’, we couldn’t exactly talk about pizza without mentioning Peasano.

Tucked away on Miller Street, Paesano are serious about their pizza and keep their menu very simple, offering nothing but high-quality, traditional Napoletana-style pizzas all for a very reasonable price. If you manage to save some space, the ice cream is also worth shouting about.

Likely due to their recent accolade, it seems to be getting busier by the day but good news, they announced back in December that a second Glasgow branch is on the way and will hopefully be opening in March on Great Western Road in Kelvinbridge.

Location: 94 Miller Street, Glasgow


TSA’s go-to pizzeria has been La Favorita for quite some time now but since it was rebranded back in January as Boom, we’ve sadly not had a chance to try it out. However, with the new set price of £6 for a 12″ pizza and the assumption that the quality is just as good now as back in the La Favorita days, we’re going to keep it on our list and try it out ASAP.

Location: 23-25 Gibson Street, Glasgow G12 8NU

Pizza Punks 

With a create your own service that lets you choose as many toppings as your heart desires for a flat fee of £9, this is the place to go when you’re feeling a bit adventurous. We also have it on very good authority from TSA’s Kenny that the vegan options are top-notch and he’s tried his fair share of vegan pizzas in Glasgow.

Also, I know this is meant to be all about the pizza but we have to mention the milkshakes, they’re a little pricey but piled high with treats and well worth it.

Location: 90 St Vincent Street, Glasgow


If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, Firebird has you covered. They launched a new menu towards the end of 2016 but still offer a wide range of pizza delights, all handmade and cooked in their wood fired oven.

Their mouth-watering menu includes the Morcialla (Spanish black pudding, manchego & cider apple chutney) and Nduja (spicy nduja sausage & harissa red peppers) – definitely worth a visit next time you’re in the West End.

Location: Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8AB

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